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The Top 5 Products for Natural Curls and Kinks

For naturally kinky, coiled, or curly locks, proper shampoos and conditioning are crucial. But you've read it here over and over: the same tricks that work on relaxed or naturally straight lengths just don't work for natural Black hair. Curls and coils call for a completely different kind of hair care, and these shampoos, conditioners, and other products have just the recipe for success!

  • Cholesterol conditioners: Cholesterol is horrible for your heart, but great for your hair! Cholesterol serves as one of the best deep conditioning treatments for highly-textured hair, since this substance helps build, protect, and moisturize the hair cuticle. Just think of the way it coats the insides of arteries - that's the way it coats and shields your hair, only without the health risks!
  • Soy protein conditioners: Protein is good for all hair, but soy protein is best for natural curls and kinks. Why? Well, without getting too technical, the molecules of plant proteins are smaller and more easily absorbed than those of animal proteins. (In fact, animal protein sources like egg protein seldom break down into small enough molecules to ever help the hair at all.) So check out products that contain soy, silk, or avocado proteins; these will strengthen your hair, create a nice sheen, and leave your mane soft and touchable.


  • Lanolin-based leave-ins: Centuries ago, Scottish shepherds discovered that lanolin - the natural oil secreted through sheep's skin - kept their hands and bodies soft and supple. It also does the same for your hair. Lanolin immediately softens hard, dry, or difficult hair, making it a great ingredient for detangling treatments, leave-in conditioners, and even instant or rinse-out conditioners. Just don't go overboard - look for products that mix lanolin with other ingredients - as this substance is truly powerful and can weaken the skin if used too much, especially in its pure form.


  • Castile soaps: Don't let the name fool you; castile soaps are gentle, effective cleansers, not harsh, drying soaps. Usually available in liquid form, castile soaps use all-natural ingredients like peppermint, orange, and rosemary to help clean and condition hair at the same time. There are no drying and potentially dangerous sulfates, so your hair will be soft and supple naturally. Simply dilute your castile soap shampoo with water, and you're good to go!
  • Natural oils for edge control: Even women with naturally curly hair like a smooth, under-control hairline, but alcohol-based gels and pomades will just tear this tender hair out. Try wetting your edges with plain old water and then slicking on a bit of natural carrot, coconut, or olive oil. You'll love the results, and save money and trouble, too!

Of course, your results may vary with all of these products, since every head of hair is different, especially when it comes to curls and coils. But check out different brands that contain the key ingredients - cholesterol, plant proteins, lanolin, and natural herbs and oils - and you should be on your way to a healthier, stronger mane!

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