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Three Looks from Diana Ross

We may not know her as well as our mothers did, but one thing remains through the ages: Diana Ross has some epic hair. With the natural Afro style coming back in this year, it’s time to highlight some of the most gorgeous looks from Diana Ross that may just make you stop in the name of… beauty. It’s always nice to have a touch of vintage in your outfit, so why not pair a classic, mod style with an updated, stylish look to find the balance between unique personality and trends. We love these three ways to do an Afro from Diana herself.

Classic 1970s ‘fro

Diana Ross fro'

Soft, big volume is the name of the game for this look that epitomizes the vintage style. Choose extensions that have the same texture and curl as your hair such as our Steam Permed Hair. Apply, and brush with a soft brush to frizz out the curls to their maximum volume. This natural style is gorgeous with a few lashes and simple makeup to play up the hair and the eyes. Choose a nude lip to keep the focal point higher. Any clothes that evoke the 1960s or 1970s will be too costume-y. This look begs for modern clothes and accessories, such as a sleek cocktail dress or skinny jeans.

Sculpted Curls


This hairstyle is still big and beautiful like the classic Afro, but it has a modern twist with longer hair, sleek, individualized curls, and a bit of bounce. This style works on older women and younger women alike. Again, remember to choose hair extensions such as our Tight Curly Steam Permed Indian Hair that are the same texture, color, and length as your hair. They key with this style is to scrunch with product and let that natural curl shine. Don’t brush it, or the curls will become too soft and frizzy. This look transfers better to professional wear than a 1970s Afro, because it is sleeker and more styled.

Loose, Romantic Hair

Diana with sculpted curls

This hair seems like a lot to handle, but it’s oh-so beautiful. You’re sure to turn heads with this look, which is more of a long, relaxed Afro. The long, wavy curls add interest and depth. Pump up the volume and length with virgin clip on hair extensions, and use both a flat iron and a curling iron to create different sizes and variations of curls. This hair is lovely with a simple dress. Let your hair be the main focus of the look.
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