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Three Hot Spring Hairstyles That Will Turn Heads

straight hairFor many, this winter has been long and cold. It’s never too early to begin dreaming toward spring and all the fresh and fabulous fashion – including hairstyles. Spring is about making things brighter. It’s about new life, fresh florals, cheerful colors, bare feet, and warm breezes. Why not choose a hairstyle that matches this season of revitalization? Here are a few terrific spring hair trends that will give your look an essence of spring while emphasizing the best and most beautiful hair trends this spring.

Long and Straight

Long, straight hair is the utmost chic this spring, and with hair extensions such as clip on closures, it’s an easy look to achieve even if you don’t have the time or patience to grow it out. Use clip in extensions, or splurge for a weave if you plan to wear long hair consistently. With clip in extensions, simply style your hair straight with a flat iron, and separate sections layer by layer, starting at the bottom. Clip in extensions, and use your natural hair to layer over and hide the clips. A long, sleek ponytail is also a chic spring style. Use extensions to give your ponytail volume and thickness, and pull out a few thin whisps to add dimension around your face.tousled waves

Tousled Waves

This beachy, beautiful look is back, which is great news for lazy girls everywhere. The more randomly tousled, the better. Achieve this look in either short hair or long hair, using curling irons of multiple sizes. Use hair extensions for length and body. Depending on your hair texture, you may be able to achieve this look by loosely braiding damp hair before bed and sleeping on the braids. Many women who use clip in extensions recommend keeping a variety of extensions – one set with long, straight hair, one set curly, and one set wavy. This cuts down on style time as you prepare for an important event.

Center Part

If you have the facial features to make it work, why not try a center part? Parting your hair in a different place can add a fantastic new dimension to your hair care routine, and it may bring out new beauty in your facial features, that you didn’t know was there. This spring, center-part styles are worn long and straight, and tucked behind the ears. Use extensions for length and body.
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