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The Secret to Achieving Tresses with Sky High Volume

Are you sick of having tresses that stick to the top of your head? Obviously there is a fine line between having hair that has too much of a poof and achieving hair with the perfect amount of volume, but you still most likely desire some volume, right?! To create the perfect lift off, we came up with some tips so that your hair will look lovely and full of volume simultaneously. That way when you head out this weekend you'll feel confident with your sky high volume and gorgeous tresses!

First, it's time for hair preparation

To achieve the right amount of texture, find a hair product that offers a good foundation for your tresses. Look for styling lotions and mousse that will give your hair some extra texture. That way your hair will look fuller after you straighten or curl it. Start with applying the product at the roots of your damp hair and then evenly distribute it throughout the rest of your mane until you reach the top of your head. Don't put too much product in your hair though; start with about a golf-sized amount of mousse and then see if you need more after using that amount in your damp hair.

Then, blow dry your locks

After you've applied the right amount of mousse and hair product, it's time to go on a hunt for the right hair supplies to create that perfect sky high volume. Pull out a round brush and you'll also need a blow-dryer. As you dry your hair, push the nozzle of the blow-dryer into your roots. You'll want to push up your blow dryer in an upward motion (with a diffuser of course), and this will keep your tresses full and they will also become used to having the perfect amount of lift at the crown.

Next, tease your tresses

There's a fine line between looking like Snooki and achieving that ideal teasing look. Get the perfect amount of volume by using a small brush to backcomb your locks. Grab a few one-inch sections of your hair from all around your head and then tease each section of hair a few times. The idea is to stay close to the roots and also smooth the sections with a paddle brush. After you've achieved the right amount of back combing pull out some hairspray. Once you spray some hairspray on your tresses, the volume in your locks will stay exactly how you want it to look. ;)

After, keep up those voluminous tresses

No one likes to achieve the perfect voluminous tresses early in the morning only to have them go flat during the middle of the day. To achieve this look yet again when your hair starts going flat, pull out some dry shampoo. By blasting in your dry shampoo, you will give your tresses an instant lift. The idea is to keep the nozzle of your dry shampoo bottle at least 10 inches away from your head. Shake out your hair and allow the dry shampoo to set in your hair and absorb the oil that is robbing your hair from its volume. Now you'll be all set! Don't have dry shampoo? Try some hairspray and you'll be able to maintain your sky high voluminous tresses all day long as well!

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