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The Saturday-Morning Spa Treatment

It’s been a long week. Gossipy co-workers, micromanaging bosses, and daily chores have all caught up with you. Maybe you’ve put in too many hours working late, or the kids have been exceptionally unruly. In any case, it’s Saturday morning, and you need a break. You need to pamper yourself, and this easy, DIY spa morning is just the thing to pep you up and get you back on track.

Head to Toe…or Toe to Head


First things first, hop into a nice, hot bath full of relaxing aromatherapy petals or salts. Soak for about 15 to 20 minutes and let the waves lap away all your stressors while the kids watch cartoons or your guy washes the car. While you’re in there, scrub your feet lightly with a pumice stone and give your entire body a once-over with a body pouf or exfoliating body wash. This way, you’ll literally slough off all the bad vibes, along with dead skin that makes your complexion sluggish. As an extra bonus, the massaging motion itself should relax you.

Master of Disguise

Instead of rushing to get ready after your bath, play dress up, grown-up style. Try on a robe, a mask, and a coat (or two)! First, slip on a bathrobe and a moisturizing lotion to help seal in that dewy-skin feeling. Then apply a facial mask for your skin type. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive; a pinch of baking soda, half a mashed banana, or some yogurt will do. Then kick back in your own private area and apply a few coats of your favorite nail polish to your hands and toes. While it dries, you can simply relax or steam your facial mask over a bowl of hot water. (Note: you can also do a paraffin hand treatment in place of a facial mask, and just paint your fingernails later.)

Turn it Up

Once your digits are dry or you’ve steamed your facial mask for about 10 minutes – whichever comes first – it’s time to get revved up for the day. Wipe your face with a paper towel if you’ve used fruit or food for the base of your mask, then rinse with cool water to close and shrink those pores. For oily or combination skin, apply an astringent like Sea Breeze or plain old lemon juice to a cotton ball and wipe your skin clear. The cold water and tingly toner should spark your senses and give you renewed energy to tackle the weekend – and the week ahead – knowing that you pampered yourself for once.

And to think: you get a massage, exfoliating treatment, pedicure, manicure, and facial for a fraction of the cost and time you’d spend at a fancy spa or aesthetician’s office!

Take care of yourselves,


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