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The Perfect Bloggers Series - Marie from The Curvy Fashionista

We're back with another Perfect Bloggers Series, and in case you missed our last Perfect Bloggers Series, we covered Rachel if you'd like to catch up. ;)

This time we'd like to cover The Curvy Fashionista's review of our Kinky Curly Indian Remy Hair which on our website is now called our Kinky Curly Steam Purmed Indian Hair. This style, as you soon will see, it a great way to get a bouncy look with our kinky curls. Like Marie, it will make you feel energetic and full of life once you have a new kinky hairstyle! It's also a completely organic "au naturale" look. It's time to make a statement with this unique and vibrant style.

hair 2

Here's Marie from The Curvy Fashionista's review of our Kinky Curly Indian Hair! Check our her original blog post on her blog here.

"So, I decided to change it up a bit, having fun in my newfound (or rather long lost) play in weave world…"

curvy fashionista

"Thanks to Perfect Locks who sent me this Kinky Curly Indian Remy, steamed in a #8 which is pretty much blonde to me, I am having a little fun… Extremely soft and lighter (in weight) than any other hair I’ve used and (I used to be addicted to the weave) felt, I am already loving the wear of my hair! I can have it really curly or I can have it brushed out in a fro. Not as tangled nor does it shed as frequently as my last do… SIGNIFCANTLY! I am getting adjusted to the color again!"

If you'd like to learn more about our Remy human hair, here's the description on our site: "This 100% Indian Remy human hair is steam processed to achieve the small pencil-like curls just as if you permed your hair. These curls are vivacious and easy to maintain, if you're feeling like you've got some bounce in your step then this hair is for you! The color a gorgeous mix of off-black and dark brown, completely natural #1B. This hair is true virgin Indian hair that has been steam permed to artificially create the lovely curl pattern you see., it's meant to be worn as-is. The steaming process is completely chemical free, water is used to steam the hair into shape. The texture may not be as flexible as virgin hair, meaning the hair may not revert back to a natural wavy pattern after an extended period of use. Please note this texture will not straighten out well due to the nature of the curl pattern."

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