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The Makeup Craze for Fall

Fall time soon will be arriving and with your new Fusion Hair Extensions, you will want to be looking your best. Complimenting your hair with a fabulous face is a great start to becoming the fashionista you dreamed of. There are several makeup trends in store for us in the coming months including cheekbones that glow, beige eyes and lips, and bright shades of lipstick. Who says you can't incorporate color during the fall time? We're here to show you how to get your perfect look with some pictures to inspire you.

1. Dark Skin Looks Amazing with Brightly Colored Lips

Most beauty experts recommend the darker your skin, the darker your lipstick can be. That can be fun, right? Even though, we wouldn't recommend purple unless it's Halloween time. ;) You will want to pair your hot lips with neutral makeup so that all of the attention goes to your flair for color and the fact that you are definitely not afraid of it. In fact, you are on a mission to be original and sassy.

If you want your bright lips to take on a sparkly or glossy look, use lip gloss to brighten up your lips even more. When the light reflects against your lips no one will be able to take their eyes off of you. We know this is the case with this amazing actress who is stealing the show with her dazzling style and beautiful red lips.

2. Brighten up Those Cheekbones

Instead of looking like you just crawled out of bed when it starts to get chilly outside and really all you want to do is stay in bed, create some glow on your cheeks. The bronzer and glowy look will instantly make you look wide awake even though you might be sleepy. Kerry Washington pulled off this look beautifully and also decided to influence her makeup with a "cat eye" liner effect while rocking her fake eye lashes.

If you are wearing a bold colored outfit, like Kerry Washington's yellow dress, pairing it with beautiful cheeks and eye liner is the ideal way to look glamorous and classy.

3. Play Up Your Beautiful Skin Tone with Neutrals

If you are a black woman you already have beautiful skin. If you want to keep your skin looking natural, stick to neutral makeup. A light brown eyeliner and shadow will compliment your eyes and will also emphasize them without over powering them. Stick to a brown toned lipstick or beige color to make your lips look pretty and natural.

Makeup is something that be bold and daring, or light and airy. Whatever you decide - stick to what you love best and what makes you glow on the inside and out.

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