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The Hottest Accessories for Fall 2013 to Go With Your Perfect Locks

fall fashionAccessories and shoes are all about adding style and completion to a look. Without the proper shoes and accessories, even the most fashionable clothing and hairstyles may look unfinished. If you're all set with your colored hair extensions but desire to make a change with your accessories and wardrobe, try this season's hottest trends. This fall’s styles are all about rock and roll with a contrast of romantic, feminine details. Think lace and leather or denim and pearls. Don’t wear one without the other, so you can balance your look and prevent it from appearing too extreme. Shoes this season feature tall boots, thick heels, bright, jewel-toned colors, and metallic. The fall season is full of opportunities to update your style with these must-have shoes and accessories.

Feminine Details

If you’re going to wear a leather vest, jacket, pants, or boots, add a touch of feminine to the look with some soft, detailed pieces. Hearts are big this season, as well as dainty necklaces with cursive words. Update spring and summer pieces by wearing soft lace blouses underneath a strapless leather top. Delicate scarves, jeweled heels, pearl earrings, and metallic bangles are just a few of the softer elements that will add grace and dimension to more structured, masculine outfits.


Boots are hot when the weather turns cold. Think thigh-high boots ala Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, as well as shorter boots with sexy heels and metallic accents. The more fashion-forward may choose tall, velvet boots in a rich color, such as dark blue or purple. Short, metal spikes add a dramatic surprise to boots, flats, and heels alike. Shoes also turn feminine with bejeweled heels in bright, metallic colors. Flats go from cultish to cute, featuring a whole variety of styles from surprising spikes to sweet, girlish detail. Fairy-tale inspired items are hot – whether inspired by the princess or the wicked queen.


Top-handle bags are must-haves this season, featuring metallic tones and pops of color. Fall bags are all about structure – choose a bag with bones in a high-quality material that will enhance and complete many outfits. Materials like leather or fur are ideal, with chic details, such as chain handles, a well-designed lining, or a beautifully shaped clasp. Hearts make a lovely print, or this season’s leathers are all about texture. Choose alligator print, snakeskin, or suede to add dimension to the textures of your entire outfit. Bright colors are also ideal for fall bags, in classic prints, such as squares or stripes.
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