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The Advantages of Micro Loop Hair Extensions

micro loopIf you've been wondering about Micro Loop Hair Extensions you most likely are curious how easy it is to apply these extensions. It's actually quite simple to apply these extensions and you can experience an easy to apply straight human hair weave, that doesn't have to be "weaved" in!  This product uses fusion hair rings which are attached directly to the weft, making it easy to apply and remove. Still not convinced? Keep reading to learn more about the Straight Micro Loop Human Hair Weave and other loop weaves and discover why these type of hair extensions are ideal for you:

Ideal for Short and Fine Hair

Micro rings are perfect for people with short and fine hair. Sometimes braids and other weaves need a certain length of hair to allow for tensions, but with micro rings short hair that's only 1 or 2 inches can be used with micro rings. Blend in your extensions for a natural and beautiful look.

Micro Loop Hair Extensions are Safe to Use

With some hair extensions you need to use glue and then their are other extensions where you need to use heat such as hot fusion. If you're allergic to glue or it irritates your scalp micro loop hair extensions are ideal. Don't accidentally burn your scalp or damage your hair with other extensions if they are not the right fit for your hair, but instead try micro loop extensions that may be the perfect fit for your tresses if you have fine or very short hair.

Reuse Your Micro Loop Hair Weaveextensions

Micro rings hair extensions can easily be taken out carefully, which means they can be reused by de-flattening the ring to release them. This makes it easy to wear them just for a special event and then take them out again. It's also easy to reposition micro rings hair extensions  if you accidentally added them in the wrong place on your scalp.

Micro Rings Stay Hidden

Micro ring hair extensions are very easy to hide once applied in your hair. Sometimes glue can show, especially if you have dark hair, but micro rings are very hard to see especially since the extensions attaches to the hair directly. If you feel like your rings may be showing have someone take a close look at your scalp. They will most likely struggle to spot the micro rings, especially if the rings flawlessly match the color of your hair.

So what are you waiting for Lockettes? Give Micro Loop Weaves a try!

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