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Take Me to the Sea: Silhouettes & Hairstyles

beach styleAre you planning a fun vacation? If so, there's no doubt that you're already planning your hairstyles and silhouettes for a fun trip ahead! Coming up with fun silhouettes that go with seaside hairstyles will make the trip more memorable. Plus, you'll have the perfect looks for pictures too! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Natural Hair and a Maxi Dress

Paired together a natural hairstyles and maxi dress look remarkable. A natural hairstyle means keeping it simple, so don't use a lot of hairspray and products that make your hair stiff and sticky. Instead keep your locks flowing and down and use curly hair extensions to your advantage. To finish this look wear gladiator sandals, a crossbody purse, and a beachy necklace. You'll feel fabulous walking on the sand in style!

Palazzo Pants and a Ponytail

Forget the maxi dress, this summer's hottest looks include palazzo pants. Comfy and chic, these pants are perfect for a day out at sea. Wear them with a loose tee-shirt and your hair up in a pony and you'll be ready to head out to sea. Wear a clip on ponytail for extra volume and your hair will look beautiful! Not to mention your locks will not be affected by the winds that beachy outfitoften take place near the ocean shore due to your clip on ponytail waves.

Top Knot and a Beachy Bikini

What would a beachy vacation be without a bikini and updo? Wear your bikini on a hot summer day and keep your hair completely out of your face by pairing your bikini with a top knot. If a peachy colored bikini is what you prefer, put a touch of peach blush on your face to match your suit. Later on after a fun day out at sea take your hair out of the the top knot.

Many times your hair will have loose curls from a top knot that you can touch up with some dry shampoo and hairspray. Head out to dinner without having to put much effort to your hairstyle and after the day is over, refresh your locks with our Vital Hair Care line.

Seaside Sophistication

Wear a sophisticated outfit to the beach for a special occasion, such as a wedding or date. There are so many beautiful gowns that look stunning to wear on the beach, and to make your outfit look all the more romantic wear your hair down in flowing curls or in a loose braid. This beachy look will take your date's breath away. Now you're ready to go on vacation with a beachy vibe that will make your trip one to remember.

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    You do realize it's a lot of black women who buy your extensions, right? How do beach hair day advises like the above ones relate to black (extension) hair in sun, sea and sand?


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