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Take Flight with Feather Hair Extensions

As noted last week, fashions from the 1970s are heating up the runways this spring. But you've probably noticed another retro style move finding its way into fashion magazines and TV shows: feather hair extensions. This hippie-style look uses avian inspiration to add color and flair to your own human mane, and all without any stress or damage to your natural hair.

What ARE Feather Hair Extensions?

Feather hair extensions are high-quality feathers of different lengths, widths, colors, and even patterns. The best extensions are made of natural bird feathers that are either dyed or left in their natural state, as natural bird feathers can are more durable and can be washed, cut, blow-dried, combed, and styled along with your regular hair.

Like fusion Indian hair extensions, good feather hair extensions are either bundled together or sold individually with a special pre-packaged tip that makes installation easier. Even wider, individually-tipped feathers usually come in multi-packs ranging anywhere from ten to thirty-five dollars a package.


How Do Feather Hair Extensions Work?

However, unlike other hair extensions, feather hair extensions are added for accent, not to increase hair volume or length. While some daring stylists create whole-head wigs or weaves using feathers (usually working with models for hair or fashion shows or other avant-garde events), a typical install only calls for three or four feathers strategically placed around the face and head.

For example, very long, thin feather hair extensions in bright, noticeable colors and patterns like white, green, pink, blue, polka-dot, and stripes are usually placed near the temples and ear area to add highlights and to frame the face. One or two feathers on each side will do, in this case.

On the other hand, bunches of shorter, wider feathers can also create a unique, layered look at the crown, bang, or even nape areas. It's all up to you!

How Long Do They Last?

If cared for and installed properly, you can wear your feather hair extensions for up to 8 months. In fact, the best feathers can be removed and re-installed for years and years without showing signs of wear and tear. Yet feather hair extensions can be easily installed and removed after just one day, or even a few hours. So there's no need to fear the commitment; it's a breeze.


Who Are Feather Hair Extensions For?

While there is currently a lot of debate about this fad, pretty much anyone can wear feather hair extensions. From long-time rockers like Steven Tyler to teen sweethearts like Selena Gomez, plenty of people are sporting them. So the question is not really about who or how old you are, but about the look you're going for. Feather hair extensions add a touch of the call of the wild to your mane, and you can take this to an extreme, cave-woman-esque profile, or keep it sweet, simple, and understated. Any way it goes, you'll come off as both down-to-earth and a bit more cutting-edge...intriguing!

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