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Summer Wedding Hairstyles

summer wedding hairstyles

Effortless and free flowing are words that come to mind when we picture beautiful summer brides.  If you plan to exchange nuptials in the summer months, forget structured updos and intricate, well placed tresses.!  Try these two beautiful summer wedding hairstyles – your hair will match your beauty as you walk down the aisle to your groom.

Chignon hairstyles are a classic look for brides and this is a modern update inspired by Taylor Swift.  Begin with textured hair – if your hair is long enough allow it to air dry in one or two large braids to result in soft waves or clip in a few wavy hair extensions for added length or volume.  Separate a bit of hair for your bang then loosely gather your hair into a side bun with a metal free elastic band.  Next, wind the ends around the ponytail loosely, securing with bobby pins as you go.  If your hair is fine and the pins are not holding well, lightly spritz your hair with a bit of holding spray first and crisscross the bobby pins to help your hair stay in place.  Sweep your bangs to the side, creating a large, messy pin-curl by rolling the ends around two or three of your fingers.  Secure with a few hair pins.  Finish the look with a bit of shine spray for the final polishing touch.

If your choice is to wear your hair down, try this beautiful waterfall braid hairstyle.  Again begin summer wedding hairstyleswith hair that has been air dried.  Hair that has too much sleekness will not have the bulkiness needed to create a beautiful, thick braid as seen here.  Starting near the front of your head on one side, grab about a one inch section of hair and separate into three pieces as you would for a traditional braid.  Begin by intertwining the three pieces as you would for a regular French braid, but instead of continuing after the first wrap, drop the bottom section of hair and replace it by picking up a completely separate section of hair.  With the new bottom piece, braid the second loop normally and then again drop the bottom piece.  As you move along the braid, continually add more hair to the top piece of hair so the braid will drape around your head.  Remember, loose is better so do not worry about the style being perfect or tight.  One you braided nearly to the other side of your head, place two crisscrossed bobby pins to hold into place and add a flower for a bit of an added decoration.  Curl the bottom of your hair with a curling wand for loose waves and you are finished.


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