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Summer Sizzle: Stylish Trends to Try Now!

If this summer your desire is to have your style sizzle with your hair extensions, it's time to learn about the current trends and what fashionable clothing items and accessories you can currently add to your wardrobe if you haven't done so already. Whether you need to stock up on the latest maxi dress trend or find a pair of pastel pants, now is the time to do it! The stores have recently updated their selections to include bright and fun colors for the summer time, and we're impressed by everything we've seen so far.

  • The Color Orange:

As well as hot pink, lime green, some yellow, and other fun bright colors, we can't help but notice orange. Not only is orange bright and bold, but it's fun! If you want to brighten up your ensembles this summer this is a great color to have fun with. Go subtle and incorporate an orange watch, or go all out and find a orange maxi dress. Juicy Couture offers orange apparel and watches right now but there's no doubt you will also see many other brand names with this color as well. Brighten up your wardrobe during the summer and you will love the color orange!

  • Pastel Pants:

Another trend that we happen to love? Pastel pants. Find pants in many colors, from sea foam green to light pink, blue, and even coral. The colors are beautiful and the pastels will go with a lot of different colors for your tops and accessories. Find a pair of pastel pants that will fit you well and make the best of them. We aren't sure how long this trend will be around, but we do know that we love pastel pants and think it's a good idea to stock up on them while you can.

  • Flowy Dresses:

Flowy dresses that are long in the back and short in the front are elegant and gorgeous, perfect for a fun summer day. Keep your legs cool in the front but display a beautiful flowy frock for all to see in the back. This type of dress is trendy, but it also is very beautiful. Find this style in a skirt, maxi, or just a longer dress. This style will also look stunning with a pretty headband and sparkly earrings.

  • Cut Out Shoulder Top:

Be mysterious and just show some of your shoulder, but not all of it. A cut out shoulder top will do just that, show a hint of your shoulder without revealing it all. These tops are extremely comfortable and will keep you cool and warm simultaneously. Hanging out at the beach? The top will keep your arms perfectly covered. Getting over heated? The cut out on the top will come to your rescue and provide some much needed air. It's fun, cute, and very trendy and that's why we love it and have no doubt that you will love it too.

There are many more trends to learn about and check out, but we wanted to give you just a glimpse for now. Which one is your favorite and which one might you pass on? Definitely go for the pastel pants and maybe a cut out shirt - the look will look incredibly trendy and fun. After it is summer and you need to show off your hair extensions! Do this by adding to a beautiful wardrobe.

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