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Styling Through the Years: Perfect Locks & Looks for Young Girls

Moms know that styling their young daughters’ hair can be a headache. Fidgety, inquisitive children rarely sit still long enough for more intricate hairstyles, and their scalps and strands are also usually too delicate for much heavy styling. Yet there are still plenty of pretty styles a mom can use to keep her daughter’s locks looking perfectly cute and well-groomed. Here are some ideas!


For children under school age, try to “style” hair as little as possible. Brush soft baby hair and resist the temptation to sweep it into tight pigtails, as this can put undue strain on your daughter’s scalp, pulling hair out by the roots and setting her up for thinning and balding later on. Try clipping in barrettes or ribbons to help make your baby girl look more, well, girly, and simply keep toddlers’ tresses detangled and then perhaps twisted or worn down.


Girls between five and nine years old can stand more involved coifs, and some may even be developing a taste for glam hairstyles and fashions, so now is the time to start talking to your young one about her hair. Get input about her wants and preferences, but be aware that those may be unrealistic (after all, she’s still a kid!). Girls this age are still innocent and young – and their scalps are still developing – so keep their looks simple and maintain a gentle styling hand. For everyday wear, work with your daughter’s hair type to fashion loose ponytails, large twists, and not-too-severe partial updos. Many mothers also keep their young daughters’ hair short to medium-length, to make hair care easier and maintain an innocent look. Remember, as a young girl grows up, she develops her ideas about beauty and self-esteem from what you show her, so try to celebrate the hair she has and let her know she is beautiful, no matter what.


For special occasions and older girls, though, different and fancier hairstyles can be appropriate…and this means that hair weaves and pieces can be a great choice! At this point, your daughter should have a healthy respect for her hair and be able to explain that hair extensions or weaves are just a fun way to enhance her beauty – not a crutch that she “needs” to be pretty. So why not experiment? Weft or fusion extensions are too time-consuming for most kids, but even girls as young as seven or so can wear clip-on hair extensions without pulling them out. For more formal occasions like weddings, school plays, or class or family portraits, you can fill out your child’s look with a few clip-on tracks, and girls ten and older are likely ready for smaller braids with bulk hair extensions.

However, remember that every little girl is different, and one woman’s glamour-girl won’t need the same hairstyles as another’s little tomboy. Let your child develop at her own rate and style her accordingly – she’ll be a young woman soon enough, and that’s an article for a whole other day!

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