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Spring Hair Trends - Touseled and Curly

If you've been keeping up with the latest hair trends you've probably noticed a lot of touseled and curly hair that looks natural and full. The good news is that hair styles take less effort - your natural hair style with look full with extensions, which in turn will be the perfect look. Since the look that's in is natural, what kind of natural looks are we talking about?

Fresh Out of the Shower Look -

Wet and wild, letting your hair glisten with a wet look is one of the spring's hottest hair trends. A wet chignon in particular is very popular and not that hard to do - naturally gather up your hair on top of your head and make sure it's wet. You can use argan oil to get that extra wet look.

Red Hues -

Are you a fan of red hair? If you are that's good because red highlights and red hair is also very trendy. If you have dark hair red is easier to incorporate and this bold and bright color will definitely add dimension to your hair. Have fun with red, but just remember it fades out quickly so this trend may be more expensive to keep up with than others.

Beautiful and Lose Braids -

All different kinds of braids can be seen everywhere lately, from fishtail braids to simple braids. Put a fishtail braid in your hair and leave it down or braid your hair and put it up. Either way make sure it is lose and romantic. Remember the trend is natural and wavy, so it's okay if you braid your hair and all of the hairs aren't exactly in place.

Curly Flapper Bob -

Fan of the 20s? A curly flapper bob is also in style right now and with stars like Michelle Williams and Nicole Richie showing off their bobs, it's easy to see why. It's classy and chic - perfect for a romantic at heart. Even if you want to try out this look for an evening, pin up your hair and pull some curls out - you can create a temporary bob that you'll love.

So what do you think of some of the spring time hair trends? Love them or dislike them? We think they're fun - full body can definitely be achieved with hair extensions, and we definitely know where to find those! ;)

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