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Spring Color Trends Hot Off the Runway

platinum blonde hairSpring color trends have already hit the runways, and Pantone isn’t the only one predicting the fashion colors of the season. Hair color is just as important as the season’s clothing color palette, and take some time this season to update your look with one of the following colors. Some require a little more boldness, and others just have a touch of change. Whatever your personality, choose a color that’s right for you, and rock it this spring!

Platinum Blonde

Though it’s difficult to maintain and hard on your hair, sometimes platinum blonde is worth it. Women of all ethnicities can wear platinum hair, as proven by Halle Berry and Nicki Minaj. Platinum blonde is for the trend-setter, and a woman who can truly pull it off will get loads of attention, even from strangers. Be sure to consult with a stylist who is experienced, so you don’t damage your hair more than you have to. Enhance the platinum blonde style with colored clip on extensions.

Rose Gold

Other than the platinum hues, many of the spring hair colors have warmer tones, which is quite lovely as the weather gets warmer and sun shines chocolate brown hairdown. Rose gold is a shade of strawberry blonde with richer, slightly darker reds hues. Again, rose gold looks beautiful on most skin colors. Bear in mind that reds tend to fade quickly, so factor in the purchase of a color-safe shampoo and conditioner before going red. If you have oily hair and wash your hair often, it may be better to consider going with a more wash-friendly color. Extensions in a matching shade build volume and drama to help your hair achieve its most glamorous style.

Chocolate Brown

Rich, chocolate brown is hot this year. The soft, shiny brown shade looks fantastic on short and long hair alike. The key to this style is to keep your hair looking sleek and shiny, so invest in a smoothing serum that enhances shine, such as Perfect Locks Silk Serum. Even if your hair is already brown, talk to you colorist about giving it the right shade to match the trend. Even a subtle change will refresh your look.
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