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Snowed In? Complete a DIY Mani that Will Help you Nail it!

bowsGet excited because even if you're snowed in, you can create a beautiful manicure despite the dampening weather outside. If you're located in California like us chances are you aren't experiencing snow, but it still can be cold and wet outside due to rain! Warm up inside and create a fab mani that will revitalize your spirits and make your nails look fabulous.

Prep and Prepare! 

First start off by cutting your nails if they are too long, or file them down if some of your nails are longer in length than others. Once your nails are at a desirable length you can also trim your cuticles back, even though they will protect your nails, so that's up to you.

How to Apply Polish

Don't try to make your nail polish look like the color in the nail polish bottle the first round of applying polish. The correct way to do it is to apply one coat at a time. This way you will build the color by applying thin coats. Allow each coat to dry in between the layers (waiting a few minutes before applying another coat is ideal) and your nail polish will last longer and look beautiful.

Creative Nail Art

Don't expect to get a nail art idea down on the first try. Just like learning how to ride a bike when you're young or learning how to play the piano, nail art takes practice. All of those fabulous DIY tricks that you see on Pinterest that look super easy are definitely not as simple as they appear! So be patient and experiment on your nails first and keep the nail polish remover nearby. However you decide to decorate your nails is your choosing and it's important to have fun with it. Who know, you may also create your own DIY mani tricks to post on Pinterest afterwards!

Use Multiple Nail Colors & Layer!

If you love the hot pink shade you've chosen for your nails but it is missing a hint of shimmer, pick something out with silver sparkles or another shimmery shade that will add a touch of glam to your look. If you have a lighter shade of polish on your nails to begin with, applying a beautiful shimmer polish over a creme shade will transform the look. Layer up your polish and don't be afraid to be creative - pretty soon you'll realize that a DIY mani is actually a cinch!

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