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Skin Solutions to Keep Your Skin Glowing & Your Hair Beautiful

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Healthy, beautiful hair falls best around a face with skin that is fresh and glowing. During the winter months, it can be difficult to keep your skin healthy. Those who live in colder regions aren’t able to be as active in the winter months, and cold, dry climates do a number on your skin, creating dryness that can be both painful and unsightly. While staying out of the sun is good for you for the long-term, you also miss out on that beautiful, sun-kissed summertime glow that tends to happen for women of all ethnic backgrounds – we’re not sure if it’s really the sun or just the happy, carefree mood of summer. Here are a few ways to keep your skin fresh and glowing until spring.

Get a Facial

You don’t have to get a facial every week, as the treatments are typically expensive. You can, however, get one every few months to help manage your skin and refresh it. Facialists are typically educated estheticians who can also help you identify problem areas of your skin, why these problems exist, and what you can do to help heal and prevent them from happening again.


It may seem odd to put more oil on your skin, especially if you already have oily skin. However, some natural oils can help rejuvenate your skin. When your body senses that its oil is depleted because of harsh facial products that wash oil away, it will produce more oil to try to keep up. It’s typically better to use gentler products that will help control oil without stripping your body of it. Many women have found that the oil cleansing method has helped their skin clear up, as well as keeping it moisturized and blemish-free.

Sunless Tanning

If your skin has a lighter hue and typically darkens a bit in the sun, you can have a level of that sunkissed glow in the winter. Just be sure not to overdo it – keep it natural. Visit a sunless spray tanning booth, or just invest in some sunless tanning lotion at an area drug store. The brands that offer gradual tanning tend to be best, because you can control the level of dark you’d like simply by monitoring the number of applications. Invest in a bit of bronzer if these options aren’t for you, and look forward to spring.

Now that you have glowing skin it's time to revamp your tresses! Shop our Steam Collection and Splash Collection and let us know what you think! Glowing skin and beautiful hair will make you a gorgeous goddess this spring and beyond.

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