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Sensitive Skin Care Tips: Use Your Skin as a Health Radar

If you skin itches occasionally, breaks out even when you're eating healthy foods, and reacts to certain beauty products that you use, you definitely have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin necessarily isn't a bad thing. Think of it a gift because your skin will let you know what you're putting on your face or other skin on your body is not healthy for it. If you use your sensitive skin a health radar of sorts, then it will be easier to know if the skincare products you are using have chemicals in them that should not be used on your skin.

To take it a step further, here are some tips that will help you find quality skin care that will result in your skin looking radiant as opposed to broken out and itchy.

If you've never been tested to see what you are allergic too, that is a good place to start. Make an appointment with a dermatologist and find out from him or her what you are allergic to (an allergist will also know if your dermatologist can't tell you exactly what you're allergic to), and then you'll have a better idea on what to use on your skin. Depending on your skin condition, a dermatologist will prescribe products that are safe to use on your face. Then you won't have to worry about frequent breakouts and itchy skin all of the time.

Get into the habit of purchasing products that do not come with added perfumes or fragrances. These are usually the ingredients that cause your face and skin to react to whatever is in the products. So read the labels carefully and find out if your beauty products come fragrance free. If they don't, look online because you may be able to find a fragrance free version or at least find a new line that says it's made for sensitive skin.

If all else fails use baby products! Think about it: babies have very sensitive skin and if you as an adult has sensitive skin as well, then baby products should work perfectly for you. It may not be ideal, but at least you will keep your skin smooth and beautiful looking as opposed to dealing with itchiness, dryness, and acne as you grow older.

Don't forget about your laundry! What you wash your clothes with will get on your skin and this also plays a part in your skin sensitivity and how it responds to chemicals. Make sure you buy fragrance free laundry soap and that way you won't have to worry about breaking out in hives after wearing your jeans all day. Your clothing may not smell as pretty, but your laundry will still get clean and your skin will thank you for sparing it from another day of uncomfortable dryness and itchiness. 

Many of these tips seem common sense, but many people don't think to stay away from fragrance free products, make an appointment with an allergist or skin specialist, and looking for beauty care products that say "made for sensitive skin" on them. You can even purchase sunscreen without the added chemicals, which means you have no excuse not to continue to use your sensitive skin as a health radar!  Stay healthy with beautiful skin!

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