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How to Save Money at the Hair Salon

Headed to the beauty shop soon? Visiting a hair salon and letting a trained professional style your tresses is a great way to pamper yourself – but it’s not always a great move for your wallet. Salon services, from chemical treatments to shampoos and conditioners, can stack up to tall stacks of cash if you let them. So it’s a good thing you don’t have to! Here are your top five ways to save on beauty-shop hair services.

  • Take care of the basics at home. It’s a tip as old as the hills, but it bears repeating: washing and conditioning your hair at home is a great way to save money at the salon. Simply arrange to show up at the beauty shop with your hair wet and prepped to style, or even with the conditioner ready for rinsing out. Not only does this cut down on the amount of time you spend in the stylist’s chair, it also saves product, which is factored into the cost of your services. However, do not attempt to do chemical, cutting, or heat techniques beforehand, as salon-quality products and tools are usually much stronger and more effective.


  • Find a specialist. If you’re seeking a super-sharp cut, dynamic color, perfect weave, or other special service, talk to other stylists and even friends to find someone who is known for doing the job well. Why? Well, many beauticians, while licensed, only have basic knowledge when it comes to performing certain services. Specialists will make sure to install your hair extensions, relax your hair, or dye your strands properly, saving money on corrective work and even touch-ups.
  • Go for promotions. Most women go to the beauty shop on weekends. But did you know that many salons offer discounts for visits scheduled during the week? “Slow” days like Mondays and Wednesdays are prime times to find deals at hair salons. Many shops also offer “combo deals,” or discounts for multiple services, and reduced prices on new hair colors, techniques, and products. Dig around a bit – it could save you serious money!


  • Volunteer. Another way to reduce your bill at the salon is to volunteer to be a hair model. Many beauty shops collect pictures that showcase their work and send them to hair magazines, competitions, and the like. Signing up to model helps promote the shop, earns you a discount, and usually even gets you free a makeup application in the bargain.
  • Save time. Time is money; when you go to the salon, the bulk of your money is spent compensating the stylist for his or her time. So try to choose styles and techniques that are less time-intensive, especially when it comes to hair-weave installs. Save fusion extensions for special occasions, as these take the most time and cash to apply, and try having a friend or family member braid your hair before going to the salon for a full-head weave. Net weaves and clip-on extensions also take far less time, and help you get back in the public, showing off your style, even faster.

Finally, make sure to maintain your hair well between visits. Regular washes and good conditioning will reduce the amount of corrective work your stylist has to do when you show up, saving your hair and your finances!

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