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Relieve an Itchy Scalp While Wearing a Sew In Weave

relieve itchy scalpMany ladies suffer from dry, itchy scalps prior to installing a sew in weave and not being able to easily reach your scalp can exacerbate the situation.  There are even women who want the ease, freedom and versatility weaves provide but refuse to get them because they anticipate their scalp will be miserable being braided for several weeks.  Fret not, there are ways to solve an itchy scalp while wearing a sew in weave that will leave your head feeling cleansed and refreshed.

First of all, irritable scalps can originate from the installation process.  Shampoo and condition your hair thoroughly before having your sew in done.  During the installation, make sure your braids are pulling at your scalp and the wefts of extensions are not sewn too tightly.  Proper shampooing at least biweekly will help prevent itchiness from even occurring!

If you have taken the above precautions but still suffer from itchiness, try applying soothing oils to your scalp.  Create a mixture with a few drops of tea tree oil and your favorite carrier oil such as grapeseed, olive or coconut oils in a nozzle tip applicator bottle and shake well.  The nozzle tip makes it possible to apply the oils directly to your scalp around and through the extensions and braids.  Tea tree oil is antibacterial and antifungal while adding a refreshing tingle to your scalp.  Be careful not to over saturate your scalp because oil the oil will begin to run down your hair and oily extensions are not cute!

Another option is to apply dry shampoo to your scalp.  These formulas are usually available in aerosol cans and can be sprayed between your tracks to help absorb excess oil and remove product buildup.  They are amazing for a quick fix if you do not have time to shampoo your hair.

beyonce pat yo weave

Back in the day, you could spot a weave wearer with an itchy scalp a mile away because she walked down the street patting herself in the head to relieve the discomfort.  Remember Beyonce’s infamous lyric:  Pat yo’ weave ladies! Do not become this woman; Instead use these tips to alleviate your itchy scalp while wearing a sew in weave!

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