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Put a Ring on it: Add Some Sparkle to Your Style

We happen to think that rings look amazing with hair extensions and a stunning ensemble. Fabulous and flirty, rings can come in several different styles. You may have an engagement ring (lucky you!), wedding ring, cocktail ring, single band ring, and the list goes on and on. Depending on your style the rings you wear say a lot about you, or your mood for that matter.

It's time to be happy that it's the weekend! So embrace the current rings that you love to wear and keep in mind you can also add to your current ring collection with new sparkly styles! After all, it's always fun to have more rings!

Text Rings

Some rings are unique and have words carved in them, reminding you of your love or adventures to come. Etsy in particular is a great outlet of finding handcrafted jewelry. If you have a certain style in mind and want some words showcased on your finger, text rings are very unique and bring an individual aspect to your everyday style.

Sapphire Rings

Yes, we know that diamonds are a girls best friend. But what about sapphires and rubies? Finding a gemstone that's sparkly and comes natural faceted may be a great addition to your style. Not too flashy but certainly elegant, a pink sapphire in particular will be a special ring that you will love. Plus if you wear a lot of pink, this ring will look lovely and will complement your outfits!

Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are also fun! Usually bigger and bolder in size and style, cocktail rings are great at making an outfit look sparkly! Since they are larger in size they can be worn alone, creating a beautiful focal point, or they can be paired with simple accessories, such as a necklace and bracelet. Sites like Macy's and Nordstroms have cocktail rings that you might want to take a look at.

Depending on what style you go for rings can be worn on your index finger (if they are large enough), or on your ring finger. Or maybe if you're feeling experimental why not your thumb? It's important to wear the ring where it's comfortable, because it's not fun wearing a ring that's too tight or that cuts off circulation. Find a ring that is both comfortable and stylish and you're all set!

So what kind of ring is your favorite? Do you prefer a sparkly cocktail ring, or a glistening sapphire ring? Or maybe you prefer all of them! :) Whatever you choose have fun pairing rings with your outfits. You will love incorporating a little extra style to an ensemble that looks fabulous with the perfect statement ring.

Have a great weekend!

- Perfect Locks

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