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Pixie Curl Your Hair - Define Your Curls with a Great Hair Styling Method

Have you heard of the pixie curl method? It's basically a method that dries your hair without creating frizz. It's a great way to fight those annoying flyaways and keep away the frizz simultaneously. This type of method also works well for a variety of curly hair types, such as curly or wavy hair.

To clarify, using the pixie curl method does not mean a "pixie-style" haircut. The pixie curl method is simply a way to dry and style your curly hair a certain way, which we're about to explain to you how to do next.

What do you need to perform the pixie curl styling? This is is what you will need:

  • hairdryer
  • diffuser
  • heat protector

Depending on the texture of your hair, you may want to use a heat protector that will shield your hair from the heat. However, if you're opting for more of a natural look, you may want to avoid heat protectors all together since some hair products do contain silicones and other ingredients that you may not want your hair exposed to.

If you're wondering why you'll be using a diffuser, a diffuser will not only help define your curls, but it will act as a shield, protecting your hair from the heat. The heat will "diffuse" through your hair, drying it quickly and creating stunning and defined curls. Here's how to use this method correctly:

After you hop out of the shower and you're ready to dry and define your locks, look at your hairdryer and find the high setting. Be aware that using a lot of heat on your hair will damage it over time, but the pixie curl method makes sure that your hair is only exposed to heat for short amounts of time, so that no heat damage will take place. Your curls will dry in a shorter amount of time when setting the dryer on a higher setting.

Ready to dry your hair while suing the pixie curl method? Bend over and flip your hair over. By flipping over your hair, this will create volume and will also prevent flatness on the top of your head. Taking one section of hair at a time, place your hair on the diffuser and dry it with both your hair dryer and the diffuser (a diffuser fits on top of the hair dryer). Push the hairdryer and diffuser combined up towards your head, which will work at defining and curls from your roots to the ends.

In between each section of hair, turn off your hair dryer. You don't want to expose your hair to any more heat than it already is being exposed to. When you've found the next section of hair to diffuse, turn the hairdryer back on. Remember, the goal is to not use too much heat on your hair, so being careful and swift while suing the diffuser to define your curls is important.

How long should you spend on each section of hair? Using the diffuser to curl your hair should only take about a minute per each section. If your hair is still damp or wet after this process, go around and diffuse each section of hair for about 30 seconds or until you are satisfied with how your curls look.

With this method you should have minimal frizz and it's important to let your hair dry naturally because if you play around with it too much, you will end up having more frizz. A no-frizz finish is the goal with a pixie curl method.

If you would like to find a hair dryer that will dry your hair in record speed, look for an ionic or tourmaline dryer. This type of tool will help dry your hair quickly with its modern technology. Your hair will also end up looking very shiny and healthy.

After you've defined your curls using the pixie curl method, we're sure you'll want to use this method to curl your hair again and again. The no-frizz pixie curl method also works with wavy Virgin Indian hair weaves, especially since this method keeps heat away from the hair as you diffuse and dry your locks. So get curling and enjoy the day with a new hair hairstyle!

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