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Perfect Locks Affiliate Program, Earn High Commissions

affiliatesDo you have a website or blog? The Perfect Locks affiliate program is the ultimate way to become a salesperson for! All you have to do is place one of our attractive banners, or text link,anywhere on your site. As soon as your visitor clicks out from your site to ours, they are tracked until they make a purchase from you get paid for that purchase!  It's like being a salesperson for Perfect Locks, and getting paid like a saleperson.  For each sale we get from your user you get paid up to 10% of the total sale for that order!  That's $30 on a $300 order.  Where else can you make money like that... for doing nothing!  All you have to do is add the text link or graphic banner to your site.

Affiliate Program Highlights

  • Join for free and earn up to 10% commisions

    It costs you nothing to participate. Instead, we pay you commissions on sales from all of our products, regardless of link type. Whether it's a $2,000 wholesale order or a $10 accessory, you can earn cash through's Affiliate program.

  • Quality customer service keeps your visitors happy

    Your customers will enjoy the same superior service and positive shopping experience that helped make one of the largest hair extension retailers. We handle processing, shipping, billing and customer service.

  • It's easy to sign-up and you get paid fast!

    Signing up only takes a minute, you could be posting banners on your site or blog in no time! We pay out quickly so you can get paid quickly... It could be the easiest money you ever make, as Perfect Locks hair extensions practically sell themselves! Click here to begin

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