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The Perfect Blogger Series - Rachel from Da Paura

We hope you had a great weekend! Every once in a while we're happy to have you read some past blog posts about our hair extensions and more. These blog posts will come from fantastic reviewers and fans of our products that are bloggers and YouTubers alike. Our goal is to give you ideas on how you can style your hair extensions and look beautiful every day of the week. Perhaps it will also give you incentive to buy some new extensions as well, depending on your current hair needs! ;)

Rachel 2

Our first blogger from our Perfect Blogger Series is Rachel. Rachel lives in San Diego, California, where the sun shines a lot and you can head to the beach anytime you want (well unless you are working)! Since Rachel is a fashion blogger she not only dazzled us with her long, beautiful tresses, but she also showed off her beautiful ensemble on the beach in her blog post! We were thrilled that her platinum hair matched our 613 platinum blonde clip on extensions perfectly, and we were also happy that she found a great addition that complements her hair!

Here's her review of our blonde extensions. If you want your tresses as long as Rachel's we recommend 20" -22" in a 613 platinum blonde. Remember if they are too long you can always have your hair stylist cut them to a length that's easier to manage.

Here is her review from her blog Da Paura

Rachel"I work for a few different talent agencies, and looking my best is absolutely essential.  I know a lot of girls who use clip in extensions from Sally's.  I've tried them, and can honestly say that I have found an option that is so much better. As soon as I received my Perfect Locks I couldn't believe how soft the hair felt.  These Human Hair Extensions focus on the highest quality of smooth and silky locks.

I also couldn't believe how closely in color the extensions matched my hair.  Since I am a platinum blonde, it's difficult to find hair that is "white" enough.  Sally's extensions were slightly too yellow for my light color, yet Perfect Locks were an amazing match!  They offer a variety of colors and lengths to choose from.  I would highly highly highly recommend Perfect Locks to anyone looking to add some gorgeous length and fullness - it is literally the best clip on extensions I've ever tried. We shot these photos at one of my favorite spots in San Diego."

PL pic

Keep your eyes open for more posts from our Perfect Blogger Series in the near future! Also, let us know what you think of Rachel's tresses and how she styled her hair and clip on hair extensions in the comments below! 

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