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On Set Hair Tricks: What It Takes for TV Ready Tresses

in the press room at the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA. 01-11-09

Whether we're tuning into to show-stopping blood suckers or have our eyes glued to retro 60s style, there is no doubt that the shows that dominate the airwaves have a profound effect on the styles that influence our everyday lives. As television explores more fantastical, mythical and historical depth, the sets, costumes and, of course, hair beckons us even more with every colorful scene change. There have been a lot of crazy, funny picture galleries and videos of star hairstyles

The Girls of Game of Thrones

The cast of Game of Thrones are as high maintenance as they are beautiful, and their hair can be just as mesmerizing as the plots. The long, medieval braids and waves are even more complicated and time-consuming than you might imagine. Emilia Clarke, who plays the lovely Daenarys, requires a $4,000 to $7,000 wig of human hair, a bald cap, and two hours a day in a hair dresser's seat. Even simple looks like Catelyn Stark's (played by Michelle Fairley) require more than an hour — a simple braid that is stitched in and falls to the small of her back. When Sophie Turner began as Sensa Stark she was only 13, so the show's stylists didn't want to use permanent color on her hair. Instead they used a water color-based solution that only lasted seven to ten days. Although most of us aren't naturally endowed with the long, thick and beautiful tresses of the Stark women, we can fake it a little. For the long, flowing braided look, try human hair extensions, which you can find online for $100 - $300.

Mad Men's Maidens

Mad Men has thrust 60s cool back into the spotlight. The gorgeous cast makes the period look as stunning as it was misogynistic. Betty, Joan and now Meaghan take the cake for flirty glam. The secret behind getting that perfect 60's coif is volume, volume, volume. Whether you're looking to achieve Joan's perfect up-dos, or Betty's glam Barbie waves, the secret is letting your hair air dry and applying some volumizing mousse while it is slightly damp. Once you've sufficiently coated it with some daubs of mousse, use rollers or a round brush to roll it up completely and let it dry. After it has dried, add flexible hold hairspray and pomade to style as you like. For Betty's hair, plenty of teasing and a small-barrel curling iron is used. Joan's is often put into a ponytail and curls are subsequently placed around it. Peggy's simple, girly look merely requires a hair tie and a curling iron. Lucia Mace, the head of the hair department for Mad Men told Allure that she flips through old Life magazines from the 60s and uses them as inspiration.

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