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No, Your Tresses Do Not Have to Go Darker Even though it's Winter!

Have you fallen into the falsehood that it's necessary to go light to dark or dark to darker during the wintertime? If this is the case, don't fall into the hype or feel pressured to change your hair even though the season has changed. Even though the cooler season is here, don't embrace the dark side! ;) Here's why:

If you're currently a blonde with a bright shade it can still be winter appropriate. Try implementing a few lowlights that can be placed next to your brighter pieces. It will warm your hair color without taking away your favorite blonde color. This will be more season appropriate but if you still prefer your hair to stay bright all together, that's fine too, especially if you live and love sunny California, for example!

If you're wondering what a lowlight is, here's a reminder: it's essentially your natural hair color, but enhanced. For example, if your hair is more of a mousy blonde color the lowlight brightens this color and makes it more appealing. Your stylist essentially looks at your base color and forms lowlights with the color he or she uses. In addition lowlights compliment and look more natural paired against your skintone. You don't have to have a blonde or brown tone that washes out your complexion - there's a fine line to creating balance.

If you and your friends are still stuck in the mentality that you need to go dark this winter, realize that you can go slightly darker, but it doesn't have to be drastic. Make sure there's depth to your tresses and that the base color looks nice. Add a few different touches without letting a season dictate your hair choice.

Keep in mind that it's more important to add dimension as opposed to getting lost in the winter hype. Also - if your tresses are used to being lighter they may not take to darker tones right away. Gradually go dark or maintain the hair color that you know and love.

So get your mind off of going darker and instead focus on keeping your tresses healthy and shiny because one thing the wintertime will do is strip your hair of its moisture! So stock up on oils and masks that will replenish your locks and make them look shiny and stunning this winter while having a nice blend of highlights and lowlights.

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