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New Products: Soy Based Shampoo and Conditioner

combo-pack1Perfect Locks has added some extremely high quality shampoo and conditioner to their product line!  These products come highly recommended from multiple stylists from around the world.  Infused with high concentrations of natural soy proteins, these products will give your hair strength by leaving it silky, shiny and soft.  We highly recommend these products if your hair is in need of maintenance, or if you are just interested in maintaining your hair.  These products are an excellent investment.

Created by Master Hair Stylist Marcella Ellis and team, these products have been tested over the last two years to improve, strengthen, and conditioner your Perfect Locks hair extensions.  Marcella's salon is based in Maryland, learn more about Marcella Ellis and her team.

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2 thoughts on “New Products: Soy Based Shampoo and Conditioner”

  • Daniel

    Soy does make a new shampoo, i think its also in this shampoo too.


  • Austin Salons

    First of all I would like to thank for this Information. Actually I am looking for shampoo and conditioner, If we use good conditioner then only our hair will be pretty nice. I used so many conditioners but there is no benefit now I will use this Soy Based Shampoo and Conditioner. I will share this with my friends also. Thank you

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