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Neaten Your Nape with Clip-On Hair Extensions

Every woman who’s ever worn a weave knows the nape of the neck is the tenderest spot. This is the area that most often rubs against clothes, collars, and pillowcases; collects the most sweat when you exercise; and gets caught, tugged, or tangled the easiest – and that’s just on regular hair! Add to that the delicate nature of a weave, especially a full-head weave, and you’ve got a really frustrating situation: after a few weeks, the majority of your hair extensions are sitting pretty, but the nape area needs touching up.

So what’s a girl to do? Try mixing it up! Taking down and re-doing a full-head weave is time-consuming and expensive, but taking out and re-installing a few clip-on hair pieces is quick and easy! Save yourself time and money on your any weave hairstyle you choose by using clip-on hair pieces at the nape of the neck instead of the usual sew-in or fusion hair extensions.

The process is easy. First, simply let your hairstylist or weave technician lay the base for your hair extensions as usual. For sew-in weaves, this means tresses should be cornrowed away in the right pattern for the hairstyle you want. For fusion weaves or tree braids, you may create a few flat twists or cornrows from the hairline to about the middle of the ear, or go on to the next step.


Now – since most weavers start at the nape of the neck anyway – the clip-on hair extensions are applied. Simply clip the hair pieces to the braids or flat twists you’ve created or clip them to your natural hair as usual, and you’re ready to go on sewing in, fusing, or tree braiding the rest of your mane! The clip-on pieces in the back should blend right in and be undetectable, so make sure the rest of your extension hair is the same brand, color, and texture.

So now you can cut down on your initial visit time and make maintenance easier! Whenever the nape area gets a little tired, you can easily pop out your clip-on extensions, give them a wash and condition, and perhaps tighten up your back braids, and then just pop them back in. No sweat – and no taking down a perfectly good whole-head weave anymore!

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