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Model Photo Gallery Spotlight on Perfect Lock's Site & Why We Love Their Style

We admit we're a bit biased when it comes to loving the model's style preference from the photos on our site, but not only do they have great locks, they have amazing fashion appeal as well! Hence why we love the photos from our Model Photo Gallery on our site. Admire their Perfect Locks and look past their hair (which we know is difficult because it's so amazing), and enjoy their clothing and makeup too. They look fantastic with everything combined (i.e. extensions, clothing, and accessories)!

Here are some models that were nice enough to submit their photos. We'll discuss why we love their locks and their great style too!

Nicky Lee -

Nicky not only brings power to her look with voluminous curls, she also rocks the run way with polka dots. With her defined cheek bones and stunning hair, we definitely think that Nicky is most definitely a fashionista that should be looked up to.

Besides, polka dots and stripes are very trendy right now. You'll find a polka dot dress (like the dress that Nicky has on), on a variety of websites and if you decide to switch up your look and wear a top with stripes or a maxi dress that has a variety of stripes, don't be afraid to do so! You'll rock this look just like Nicky does.

Combined with your Perfect Locks, wear a polka dot dress and the perfect amount of accessories and you'll be a model that looks amazing every day of the week.

Monique -

Monique looks absolutely stunning in her black and white photo that shows off her glamorous style and classy appearance. From her earrings to her simple yet elegant attire - her entire look makes her hair style and lovely hair extensions look even more appealing. Plus her locks are very shiny and sleek - just the way they're supposed to look.

Plus, we're dying to know where she got her jeans and boots. We're thinking with the flawless look of the jeans they might be from Jessica Simpson jeans or even Joe's Jeans. But who knows? All we know is that her style looks amazing and that we're glad that she loves her hair extensions as much as we do. ;)

She also incorporated the right amount of accessories in this photo (or the stylist depending on the photo shoot) with two bracelets on her right wrist. They remind us of the Lacey Ryan Nirvana Bracelet set, that perfectly complements her locks and also would look fabulous with a number of future outfits to wear. Perhaps they are round stones or something similar, but the bracelets certainly do a great job at tying everything together, don't you think?!

With these fashionable looks and long locks we can't help think of a wandering gypsy, with her enchanting appearance, adventurous style and overall great vibe. Think of brands like Free People and you'll be able to capture the styles in this article perfectly.

Frayed vests and bangle bracelets bring alive fun days full of adventure and mystery. Doesn't it make you think of the summer and all of the treasures and moments that come with it?!

Now all that you need is a Collected Treasures Satchel that comes with plenty of fringe and bead trimming. You'll certainly become a stylish gypsy that takes over every fashion show. ;)

Are you a model that has a photo for us to display in our Model Photo Gallery? We'd love to add your photo to our collection and then boast about your Perfect Locks and style for all to see!

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