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Make Your Eyes Come Alive with a New Year's Bright Eyeliner Look

The New Year is coming up very soon and it's time to start thinking about your New Year's outfit and makeup! However you decide to glam up your look with new eyeliner or a sparkly dress is up to you, but we know you'll look gorgeous with whatever look you put together!

We've noticed that bright colored eyeliner has been popping up in the fashion world as of late. We mean "popping" literally because it makes your eyes pop! But enough of play on words, we want to show you some pictures of some drop dead gorgeous ladies who aren't afraid to play with their eyeliner and create some color! We'd also like to introduce you to a few brand names that offer this hot new look and we think it's definitely something you should add to your hair extensions in the coming New Year.

Check out eyeliner that's blue, purple, and maybe even gold!

Wearing bright eyeliner is like wearing a work of art around your eyes. It makes your eyes come alive with color and also brightens up an outfit! Eyeliner during the New Year is a perfect fashion addition. Even if you are wearing a little black dress you can add a pop of color with blue eyeliner and also add specs of silver too if you feel like it.

bareMinerals offers bright eyeliner that will definitely make your eyes come alive during the New Year. In particular, this eyeliner pencil  was created to eliminate the appearance of yellow and red tones in the whites of the eyes.

It makes your look fabulous and your gaze wide-eyed. The gentle eyeliner is made for sensitive skin around the eyes and comes packed with minerals, botanical extracts, and antioxidants. If you have sensitive skin that is prone to becoming irritated this pencil is ideal for you. You won't have to worry about having a reaction around your eyes and your New Year's Eve party can go on without a hitch!

If you want something with a metal and bold tint try TooFaced Metal Eyed Liquid Liner. This non-smudging, multi-dimensional liquid liner easily will glide on to your eyes and also will dry quickly. It effortlessly creates a shimmering and dramatic definition that highlights big and beautiful eyes.

This lovely product is made with great ingredients that sooth and protect the gentle skin around your eyes. This includes Carrot Extract, which is rich in pro-vitamin A. The eyeliner also consists of Peach and Cucumber Extract that helps moisturize and firm the area around your eyes as your skin cools and calms for an exciting night ahead. Glam up your outfit and your eyes with radiant makeup that will make everyone take a second look at your stunning ensemble!

The 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil from Urban Decay is another excellent eyeliner to consider. Like the other brand names it comes in a variety of colors, except this time you can have fun with metallic colors! It's a creamy pencil that easily glides on to your eyes and looks beautiful for a party and the upcoming New Year!

As you can see, there are many different quality and bright eyeliners to select from. Whatever you choose, have fun with your overall ensemble and stay safe during the New Year!

Play with the colors on your eyes, and if you'd rather not stick with just one color, why not combine a few colors on your gorgeous eyes? Eyeliner is a work of art as we mentioned before, so enjoy, have fun, and look magical and enchanting this New Year's Eve and beyond in 2012!

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