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London Fashion Week - Trends to Miss and Trends to Embrace!

polo neckIf you've been staying up to date on the latest trends that are making their mark on the runway and perhaps even into your wardrobe later this season, what do you think? Are they mostly fashion musts or fashion must -nots? We'll leave that up to you to decide and in the mean time we'd like to introduce you to some of the trends that are being seen on the runway. We'd also like to warn you that some of these trends are not pleasant, but some of them are! Whatever the case may be many of these trends remind us of spring time and since it's been so chilly outside as of late (well, at least in California), we embrace these spring trends and can't wait to incorporate them into our daily ensembles (hair extensions from Perfect Locks included)!

Polo Necks (Are Not that Hot):

Roll necks, aka polo necks were seen everywhere on the runway. This trend isn't very attractive in our opinion, even if you may be able to detach the roll pinkneck from your top (as seen on Victoria Beckham's AW13 NY catwalk). The good news is that polo necks are excellent for layering - they look great underneath a tee or casual shift depending on your preference, but generally polo necks aren't that attractive looking. What do you think?

Perfectly Pink (Oh So Pretty):

For you pink lovers out there pink is another fierce commodity that was seen everywhere during London Fashion Week. We're not sure about only wearing pink though, like John Rocha demonstrated when he sent a model wearing an array of pinks out on the runway. Pink most definitely is a gorgeous color to wear any season, however, so we say that pink is a trendy color that never goes out of style.

Elegant Skirts with Length (Yes, Please!):

If you love the beach or simply enjoy covering up your legs, long flowing skirts that are full and flared are simply eye catching and comfy too. If you go to work in an office on a daily basis you may be happy to discover that pencil skirts that are both comfy and professional looking dominated the catwalk and big beaniethere was just enough pizazz added to them too with their exposed zippers and leather A-Line pleats. Skirts never go out of style!

Big Beanies (No, Thanks):

Big beanies did not catch our fancy when they were seen during AW13. They were seen during Victoria Beckham's AW13 line and Cara Delevingne at Sister by Sibling. Find this trend already on ASOS.com if you really like it. However, we feel this trend is a little too loud and not very attractive. If y0u'd like to stay warm then perhaps this trend is for you, that is if the beanies doesn't take over your head first. Invest in a big boyfriend cable knit beanie and head to the mountains - no doubt the beanie will keep you very warm. ;)

So which trends will you be Missing or Embracing?

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