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Lash Flash: Applying Fun and Flirty Lashes for Spring and Summer

Eyelashes are one of the foundational elements to beautiful eye makeup, because they frame the eye, drawing attention to color, shape, and depth. Eyelash extensions can take a mediocre look and make it marvelous by drawing the attention right where it belongs – at your eyes. Most of us have probably seen eyelash extensions worn badly: we’ve seen them fall off, sit crookedly, or look clownish. These lash mistakes deter a lot of people from trying eyelash extensions, but the truth is that they’re easy to apply and make fabulous if you know how and are willing to give the application process a little time. Our Tender Tease Eyelash Extensions and Fiery Flirt Eyelash Extensions look natural and flirty – a look you don’t want to miss. Once you do it a few times, it’s easy. Here are some helpful guidelines for applying eyelash extensions.

Clean and Trim

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First, make sure your eye makeup area is clean and free of makeup. Depending on your natural length of eyelashes and level of drama in the look you’re going for, you may want to trim the lashes down a little bit. If you’re looking for a highly dramatic look, such as something for a glamorous party or evening-wear, keep them their length. Drama Queen Eyelash Extensions are perfect for that chic party. If you do trim, trim them slowly and gently. Cut at an angle, and keep different lengths within the lashes, for a more natural look.

Prepare the Surface

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Curl your natural lashes with an eyelash curler to prep. If you’d like some extra curl, heat up your eyelash curler with a blow dryer. Just be sure it’s not too hot to be near your eye before you use it. Apply liquid or pencil eyeliner to hide the lash roots. This is vitally important, because it will hide the differentiation between your natural lashes and the eyelash extensions. Take a look at your extensions to get a sense of where to emphasize the curl. For example, Miss Glitz Eyelash Extensions are long and curl toward the end. Match the curl of your natural lashes to that of your extensions.


Apply a thin strip of lash glue to the base of your eyelash extensions. Use a toothpick or an ultra-thin makeup brush. Don’t try to use your finger. The base is too thin, and your finger will spread glue in unwanted places. Wait for the glue to become a little tacky. Start at the outer corner of the eye, and use your fingers to place the eyelash strip along the base of your eyelid, just above your natural lashes. Get as close as possible to your lashes, along the eyeliner. Use a Q-Tip to hold each section in place for a few seconds, and press them in. Let dry. Now you can do the rest of your eye makeup, building it around your new, beautiful lashes.


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