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Is There Such a Thing as too Much Moisture in Your Hair?

So what do you think? Is there such a thing as too much moisture in your locks and near your scalp?

The answer is yes...there is such a thing! BUT...here are some facts to help you discover why this is so.

1. Don't wash your hair too frequently.

There are natural oils in your hair that can't be stripped by taking too many showers and washing your hair during every single time you step into the shower. If you wash your hair every day, you will get a dry scalp. Too much moisture in the shower can do one of two things: dry out your scalp or create a build up of hair product. Either way you need to be careful when washing your hair and definitely don't wash it every single day.

2. Make sure you are washing out the conditioner.

Are you getting all of the conditioner out when you wash your hair? If you are in a mad rush to get out the door sometimes it's easy to forget to rinse out the conditioner at the bottom part of your scalp. Flip your hair over in the shower and gently massage the bottom of your scalp, getting out all of the conditioner before you hop out of the shower.

3. If your head gets itchy, don't scratch it!

Okay, we realize that this is a hard request, but did you know that if your scalp is itchy during the day time that if you itch it you are irritating your scalp? The more you itch your scalp the more skin comes off of it, which gives it less moisture to work with. If your scalp is dry massage it with your fingertips to relieve any itchiness. If the itchiness does not go away after our tips consult a professional.

4. Are you drinking enough water?

Keeping your hair and scalp hydrated cannot be solved with hair product or washing your hair frequently. There is not a product available that will cure dehydrated hair and skin. Drinking water however, can. Keep your body in excellent shape and your hair and your skin will thank you. Your scalp will be less itchy and your locks will feel great.

5. How often should you be washing your hair?

If you have scalp buildup try washing your hair only once a week. After a while you can switch to every other day but no one should wash their hair more than that. That is what leads to an itchy scalp because you are stripping your hair and skin of all of its natural moisture. If you have hair extensions washing your hair once a week or twice a week is adequate as well. You want to keep your Virgin Indian Hair in excellent condition and letting it air dry as well will also keep your locks shiny and beautiful.

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