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Is it Time to Update Your Look? Best Hairstyles for Any Age

Most women wear the same hairstyle, or variations of it, for years. However, the changes that accompany age and maturity dictate a change in hairstyle. Enjoy your best look at any age.


Your early  20's:

Be wild and bold! Now is the time to try out all of the styles you've seen on television and in magazines. Always enjoyed long locks? Try out that short, spiked look you've had your eye on. Is your hair short? Go for a Hollywood starlet look by adding Indian hair extensions for  dramatic flair. Try out cascading cornrows or tight tendrils. The sky's the limit.

Maybe you've never tried human hair braids. Perhaps you've always had curly hair and want to go straight. The good news is that you can experiment with your hair. Most styles look great on women in their early 20's, from straight styles to curly hairstyles and wavy styles. Get really crazy with pink or purple clip in extensions. Want to try a ponytail? You can clip those in too.


Your late 20's

You may be working on your ultimate career path by this point. Feel free to change up your look while still maintaining your professional appearance. Long ringlets are fun and flirty. Consider clip in extensions that allow you to go from boardroom to bar with no fuss. Turn your straight hair wavy with hair extensions. Ready to chop it all off and start from scratch? Your hair is at it's healthiest in your 20's, so feel free to experiment with new cuts and styles.

Match your hair for the career you're looking for. Are you in an artistic field such as graphic design, art or writing? Get funky and let your personality shine through your hair. Something a bit more conservative such as accounting, corporate finance or administration? Tone it down a bit with a straight weave that can be worn in a number of versatile styles. Go for a fusion weave that can go from long and flowing to a tight bun or high ponytail.


Your 30's

Many women in their 30's are starting families or digging deeper into their careers. You may be looking for a style that's both fabulous and functional. Try shoulder length hair that can be pulled into a ponytail to chase after wayward toddlers. Perhaps you're up for a promotion. Nix the fire engine red and go for a subtle, more muted color that compliments your features.

Longer locks in your 30's can make you look more youthful and flirty. Go for a versatile style that is fun for both work and play. Layers work well for women in their 30's as well as braided styles.


Your 40's

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to cut your hair short in your 40's. At this point in your life, you are likely to be well established in your career and family life, and looking for a style that complements both. You don't have to look like a soccer mom just because you happen to be one. In your 40's, you exude confidence and success. Your hair should reflect that.

Hairstyles for women in their 40's don't have to be boring. Avoid flat and lifeless looks that don't do you justice. Layers that bounce are in. Try highlights to bring out the red, brown and gold tones in your tresses. Make sure to keep your hair well conditioned and trimmed on a regular basis. If you find your hair is thinning, try a clip on bang or skin weft hairpiece to cover problem spots.


Your 50's and 60's

You might be a grandma but you don't have to have a hairstyle that suggests you sit around knitting all day (even if you do!) Take cues from stylish icons such as Nancy Pelosi, Lynne Whitfield and Jane Seymour for tips on how to have fabulous hair.

Go for hair coloring services that highlight your natural color while coloring grays. Find a great look that complements your face shape and shaves years off of your look. Soft layers look good on most women, and coupling your layered look with a splash of color is a great way to complement your features. If you're suffering from thinning hair, consider a full lace wig that gives the appearance of hair naturally growing from your scalp.


70's and beyond

Embrace your crown of platinum! While it might be tempting to color your hair, you can join the legion of women who flaunt their silver strands with style. There are lots of hairstyles for mature women that look fantastic. Shorter is better for women in their 70's and beyond. Shorter styles also tend to require less maintenance.

Skip the beauty salons that specialize in styling mature women's hair. Many of these salons will style your hair in tight curls and douse you with hair spray, giving you a style reminiscent of the Golden Girls. Instead, head to a trendier salon that caters to a younger crowd. They will help you find a style that brings out your best features and highlights your beauty.

Dealing with hair loss? Try a net weave using skin weft human hair extensions. Indian remy extensions can be custom colored by your stylist to match your exact hair color.

Look great at any age. From 20-100, there are no boundaries to beautiful hair.

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