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How to Wear Nerd Glasses

how to wear nerd glasses

I’ll admit when I first started seeing some of my favorite celebrities and even fellow bloggers rocking oversized wayfarer frames, Steve Urkel immediately came to mind!  Funny as Urkel’s antics on the classic sitcom Family Matters were, a fashion icon he is not!  However, as the popularity of “nerd glasses” increased, my opinion changed; I now own not just one but two pair of plastic oversized glasses!  Although I don’t believe this look is here to stay, I feel extremely cute and trendy when I pull those frames out.

how to wear nerd glasses

I must say my favorite way to wear nerd glasses is ala Miss Beyonce – with a messy high bun and a bold red matte lip!  Something about the contrast of the geeky-ness of the bun and glasses with the sexiness of red lipstick that just works!  If your hair is not long or thick enough to pull off a high bun, don’t fret!  You can easily create the perfect bun using Perfect Locks clip in hair extensionsTip:  clip the pieces in upside down to make creating the bun easier and lie much flatter for a very natural looking messy bun!

how to wear nerd glasses

If buns are not your thing, a loose ponytail is always a classic look as well.  Make it more daytime appropriate with neutral makeup and a soft pink or even nude lipstick.  If your ponytail is a bit limp or thin, or simply lacks the glamour to offset the nerdy look of your glasses, try one of our clip on ponytails.  They are comprised of 100% human hair so they can be curled or straightened to your liking!  Tip:  Tuck your hair forward in a bun before clipping the ponytail on for extra volume at the roots!

Black is not your only option to wear nerd glasses, most retailers have them in fun colors like red, cobalt and yellow as well so don’t be shy and get in on the trend while it is still hot!

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