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How to Use Hair Extensions so You Can Stay Current with Rainbow Hair Trends

rainbow hairWith trends coming and going, sometimes it feels impossible to keep up with it all. How are you supposed to be a fun and current fashionista if you can't keep up with all of the trends?

Well, the first step is to relax. It's impossible to stay current with absolutely every trend. However, you can apply the current trends and be a trend setter by using what you have and become a fierce and drop dead gorgeous fashionista. Trust us. You can do just that. ;) 

One of the main trends is applying colored hair extensions to your tresses, and instead of dying your natural locks, have you thought about dying our hair extensions instead? Not only it is healthier as opposed to dying your hair pink, it's a lot easier to dye extensions and clip them in and out whenever you'd like. Or you can dye sew in extensions, etc. prior to installation and keep them in for an extended length of time if you prefer!

Whatever you choose, there are several ways you can use either hair extensions or clip on extensions to create that perfect trendy hairstyle. Here are some ideas:

Rainbow Extensions

Rainbow extensions are hot right now, and if you are searching for a Rainbow Bright-esque hairstyle, insert rainbow extensions at random into your messy yet stylish hair. Colored clip on hair or Virgin clip ons will work for this trend.

Before you go about dying your extensions all different rainbow colors you may want to at least speak to a professional, if not have your hair stylist do this for you. You can bring in your clip on extensions to your salon and many hair stylists will dye them the color or colors you desire for you. Try calling ahead to make an appointment.

Once you have your rainbow-esque clip ons ready to go, clip them in at pink streakrandom like we mentioned (or have your stylist clip them in for precision). Then to get a messy yet relaxed look, use a ocean spritz to help your locks look their best. You can totally rock this rainbow trend!

Pink Hair Extensions

Just like rainbow extensions, if you want to stick with one color only, such as pink, you can dye one or two large or small clip on pieces (our clip ons come with different widths of hair for convenient clipping in) from your clip on Queen collection and use them in your tresses.

Here are some instructions if you're confused or need extra clarification. For example, if you are about to clip in your colored clip on hair, clip in your blonde or dark brown hair extensions like normal. The key is to just keep up to one or two strands out, and have your stylist dye them pink. Preferably these should be the pieces that are placed in front, so your pink hair extensions will show up.

Many girls are embracing this trend by having a single pink streak in their hair. It's chic and you'll be a rocker punk princess instantly. Wow that's a mouth full, but you'll definitely have to try it out to see what we mean. ;)

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