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How to Safely Take Down Your Weave

Taking your weave down can be a real chore, particularly if you have adjusted to the low maintenance of a sew in; if you do not take them down properly you can cause breakage and lose a lot of hair and length.  Here are our tips for how to safely take down your weave.

take down your weave

  • Wash and condition your sew in the week before removal.  We recommend washing and conditioning your weave regularly to keep your hair healthy the entire time you are wearing your sew in, but doing it the week before the take down helps eliminate dirt and grime which can complicate the process.
  • Lubricate your hair.  Once you have removed the extensions from your braided base, lubricate your hair with an oil like grapeseed or olive.  These oils have the ability to penetrate the hair shaft for conditioning and will help provide slip to make unbraiding and detangling easier.  Additionally, you want to avoid water based products which will cause your hair to shrink and contract before you have the opportunity to detangle and remove any shed hair.
  • Unbraid carefully.  One huge mistake that will surely lead to heavy tangles and knots is hastily unbraiding your hair.  As you take down your cornrows, make sure you are pulling your fingers all the way through from the roots to the ends of your hair.  Leaving any of your hair intertwined is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when taking down your weave, trust us!
  • Completely detangle and remove shed hair. Because your hair has been braided for several weeks, all of your natural shed hairs did not have an opportunity for removal.  As you unbraid, use your fingers to continually detangle and remove shed hair.  If you leave a bunch of shed hair in your hair, as soon as the water hits it when you wash it, it will immediately cause knots.
  • Exercise patience.  If you follow all of the above tips, you should not encounter any major tangles or knots.  However, if by chance you do, take a deep breath and slowly try to work through it.  Do not just rip through it with a comb or brush.  If it becomes too difficult enlist help from a friend.  Dedicate a few hours to this task and do not even begin to take down your weave if you are in a rush.
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