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How to Safely Remove Your Hair Extension Weave

Indian Hair extensions can add a beautiful and unique appearance to any woman's hair, but eventually your hair weave will have to come out. If you've had your hair extensions for six months to a full year or if you would like to try a different hairstyle, you can remove your weave at home through a few simple steps.

Remove the Hair Weave

To remove your hair weave you will need to coat the roots of your hair in oil. You can purchase hair oil at your local beauty store. Work the oil thoroughly into the roots of your hair and all along the weave. The oil will cause the hair to become slick, allowing the hair extensions to work their way off of your natural hair. Continue to massage the oil into your hair until your hair weaves have completely detached from your hair.

Remove the Hair Glue

After completely removing your hair extension weave, there will probably be some hair extension glue stuck to your scalp and hair. Don't panic. This glue can be removed rather easily. Get in the shower or bath and thoroughly wet your hair. Once your hair is wet, begin applying a small amount of detangle shampoo. Massage the roots of your hair, but don't be too rough as this could cause your hair to loosen and fall out.

Use a comb to work the glue out of your hair. Start at the tips of your hair and work towards your roots. This may seem a bit strange at first, but it will help prevent your hair from pulling out. Keep washing and combing your hair until you feel that the glue has been thoroughly removed from your hair and scalp.

After the glue has been thoroughly removed, you will need to wash your hair again. This will prevent a film of glue from forming on your hair and scalp. You should wash your hair thoroughly with the detangle shampoo and then with a high quality conditioner. Let the conditioner sit on your hair for about ten minutes. This will cause your hair to soften and will also ensure that all of the excess glue has been removed.

Finally, rinse your hair clean. If you feel that some glue is still clinging to your hair, than you may want to comb a few more times. Always comb from the tip of the hair to your scalp to prevent pulling out your hair.

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    Hi There,Some great information here, an alternative to handing over more money to the beauty salon to remove your Long Hair Extensions. I have got some clip on Human Hair Extensions which look great, gives me the flexibility to either wear my extensions or not.

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