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How to Rock a Braided Pony Tail the Right Way with Colored Hair Extensions

We all like to be in the knowing of a latest trend or hair style that will result in people stealing glancing at your luscious locks as you walk by. We've seen tipped hair, loosely curled tendrils, and "the bump" on the top of your head that adds volume. Lately the latest trend is a braided pony tail and it's nice to see a style that works for formal or casual wear. Since we're in favor of this hair look that recently has come back into the fashion world, we'd like to provide you with advice on how to rock a braided pony tail the right way.

Rhianna sure knows how to rock her braids. With her recently red locks (that are no doubt colored extensions,) she literally steals the show with a trend that she has made her own. The specific braid in her hair is a fish tail braid and if you want to learn how to fish tail, head to your nearest salon and have your hair styled that way. Be sure to watch your hair stylist braid your hair so you can do it yourself after observing him or her. Another option is to hop on YouTube, where you can scour the videos that will also show you how to create a coveted fish tail hair braid in your hair.

Rhianna flawlessly rocks her braids while singing and she paired her red tresses with a white lacy top, which makes her hair more vibrant and bold than it already is. If you want to have bold braids, invest in colored extensions and wear an outfit in the neutrals that will contrast against your bright and beautiful hair!

Wavy Colored Indian Hair Extensions are also perfect for creating a desired braid in your hair. For the specific style that you see to your left on the Indian beauty, find the side part in your hair and then gather your hair up to style into a high pony tail. Now keep out a few curls that you can later curl around the pony tail. Now with the rest of your hair, (around 90%), start braiding. End the braid half way through and choose to straighten the rest of your long locks or leave them curly.

With the remaining tresses that you kept out, you will already have curls from your extensions. Simply take the small curly sections of hair and work them around your braid until you have made a circular motion around your braided pony tail. You now have a chic look that is elegant and beautiful.

Now that you have the look, pair your high pony tail and lovely braid with a dress or outfit that you love. Headed to a party? No problem! Rock your braided hair style confidently. You'll most definitely be in style. You also are managing to pull off a look that would normally be casual - you have transformed it into an up do classic.

If you have Straight Colored Indian Hair Extensions, it is easy to create a messy braid, similar to Blake Lively's hair style.  Don't concentrate on being neat, braid your hair quickly without concerning yourself about the resulted look. Now you can loosen parts of your braid, creating a messy look that will still look glamorous for a variety of events.

Later keep your messy braided pony tail in as you head to the gym. If you desire to sleep with your braid still in after your work out, wake up and take it out and your straight hair will be wavy and soft. Redo your pony and you effortlessly have a new look for a new day!

So what do you think of a braided pony tail? We think it's hot and that you should take full advantage of this current hair trend - it's sweet, sassy, and is also easy to style. Head out to dinner and rock your braided pony tail like there is no tomorrow.

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