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How to Remove Feather Hair Extensions

Feather hair extensions are a great way to achieve a fun, funky look in an instant. Whether wide or narrow, long or short, feather hair extensions can make any woman resemble an ultra-glam rocker, a free-spirited nymph, a sporty surfer type, or a lively party girl.

But what about returning to the office or school? For those who'd rather moonlight on the wild side than permanently live on it, removing feather hair extensions is a must. Fortunately, taking these hair extensions out is even easier than installing them!

First, make sure you have the same pliers or crimping tool used to add the feather hair extensions in the first place. Then carefully part your dry mane so you've got a clear view of the section of hair with the feather attached. If necessary, clip or pull the rest of your hair away.

Now use your fingers to feel the micro link at the base of the hair extension. Figure out which direction the link has been flattened and hold the link tightly so that you don't forget.

Then simply take your pliers or crimping tool and squeeze the micro link in the opposite of the original direction. This will pop the link open, freeing you to slide the tiny bead off with no interference and take the feather hair extension with it.

And that's it! You can wash, style, or simply brush-and-go, and re-install your feather hair extensions any time. Just make sure to store the feathers in a dry, place and air them out occasionally, and you should be able to switch from weekend warrior to boardroom diva in no time - for years!

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One thought on “How to Remove Feather Hair Extensions”

  • Kayla

    Hi i have an extension in my hair put in the same way.. with a micro link. i have squished the link in the opposite direction and it wont come loose. What do I do now? I really don't want it in my hair any longer.. its starting to irritate me. Please help! Thank you

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