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How to Make Your Locks Look Fabulous in Selfies

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There's no doubt you've fallen into the selfie trap, because after all it's fun to show off your new hair, makeup, outfit, or all of the above to your Instagram fans or whomever else is on your social media world. With this selfie phenomenon quickly becoming a permanent fashion trend that's here to stay, this means it's time for you to brush up on your selfie skills.

Maybe you've felt your hair can look better in selfies, and if this is the case, did you know that selfies can make your hair look flat? For some reason the camera tends to shrink hair in photos, making it sometimes seem impossible to show off a hairstyle you love. But never fear -- there are ways to get around this.

Here is some advice on how to look your best (and make your tresses look amazing) on every single selfie. This is especially important before you click and publish on all of your social media sites! Ready, set, click! 

Shoot at Eye Level

Shooting at eye level will make your head look normal, as opposed to being distorted or too large or too small. Sometimes it's hard to shoot at exactly eye level, especially if you are taking a selfie in the car or in your bedroom. Our advice is to play around with the angles (or you might already have a favorite angle!) and take a few shots before you edit your selfie in a photo app. Just remember that shooting at eye level will help you get the best selfie.

Fluff Your Hair Right Before Shooting

beyonce selfiee Beyonce's latest selfie and she's showing off her short new do'!

Remember we mentioned that flat hair is a result of cameras? Well, to make your hair look larger than life (appropriately of course), try one of our Volumizers. Clip on bangs will also do the trick if you're desiring to hide your forehead sometimes. Right before you take your selfie flip your head of hair upside down so that your hair is fuller and beautiful. Another trick is to use your fingers to scrunch your hair at the crown of your head, which will fluff your hair and make it look fuller and full of volume for your selfie.

Look for Flattering Light and Just Smile

Nothing makes a selfie look more fabulous then smiling. Smiling with your eyes also relays warmth and also shows off your natural beauty from within. In addition to smiling, look for flattering light that highlights your face and don't forget to shoot at eye level or above. Otherwise you will get a double chin or it will look like you just had a bunch of soy sauce, and who needs to be looking like that that for their selfie?!

Remember to utilize your hair extensions to create volume and overall just be confident. It will definitely show through on your selfies. You've got this Lockettes!!

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