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How to Go Out and Feel Confident Without Makeup

We get it. It's the weekend and the last thing you want to think about is going out and about without makeup, right? Well, you better give this a second thought because not only is it better for your skin, it will bring out a natural beauty that you'll actually begin to love - you'll see. Take a look at People Magazine's latest Most Beautiful People issue - you'll see pics of famous celebs (like Zooey on the left) who looks beautiful without makeup. You can too!

Focus on Skin Care

The first ingredient to glowing and beautiful skin is to concentrate on your beauty regiment. No, we're obviously not talking about makeup. We're talking about the lotion you use and how often you exfoliate. Also - do you have skin allergies? Take that into consideration as well. If you find a great lotion that gives your skin the nutrients it deserves as well as exfoliating away the acne and bumps, you'll feel more confident about your skin. Then in turn you'll be more confident about not wearing makeup. So start focusing on your skin care!

Focus on Other Aspects of Your Body

Besides your face there's also your hair (hello Perfect Locks!) and your nails. Of course there's also your skin on other parts of your body...but we'll focus on your hair and nails for now. So that you're not focusing on your face as much, make sure you have a lovely mani and pedi to show off your pretty nails and toe-nails. Then if you're in need of some extra body (aka locks), try some hair extensions! Combined with your pretty mani and pedi, you'll feel extra confident in no time.

Really Can't Go Without Makeup? Try This:

If you absolutely can't stand the thought of going out without makeup, try a tinted moisturizer with SPF. You'll be protecting your skin but you'll still have a little bit of coverage - enough to make you feel covered as opposed to having a naked face. ;)

Taking a break from wearing a lot of makeup allows your skin to breathe and clogged pores to clear up. As we age acne should lesson, but if you're wearing a lot of makeup on a regular basis your skin will suffer through breakouts and more. Give your skin some TLC and don't wear makeup - you'll feel confident in knowing that your skin is allowed to breathe and relax all on its own.

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