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How to Curl Straight Hair Extensions with Hot Rollers

Curling your hair with hot rollers creates a soft and beautiful look, perfect for a first date or for heading out on a fun outing with your girlfriends. If you have straight hair extensions you might feel like curling them now and again as opposed to always keeping them straight. Hot rollers are a great way to create the look you want to achieve without having curly hair every single day. Here's how:

Hot rollers are available from many different companies and you can buy small or large rollers. Large hot rollers naturally create big curls and small rollers create smaller curls.

So how do you successfully curl your hair with hot rollers?

First, wash and condition your hair as you normally would. Allow your hair to dry all of the way either naturally (especially if you have hair extensions,) or blow dry it. After your hair is dry, divide it into 3 different sections.

One section will start at the front of your head and will go all of the way back to your crown. The second and third section will be on each side of your head.  One section is above your ears and the other is below your ears. Next get ready for some serious curls!

Have you been heating up your rollers?

If you haven't been heating up your rollers start heating them up now! While you wait, take a small break and work on your makeup or nails. Then come back and see if your curlers are warm enough to place in your hair.

Now that your rollers are warm and ready to be used, start removing the rollers. Take them out and when you place them in your hair, start by rolling  and clipping them into your hair. If you wish to get spiral curls remove the rollers by pulling the rollers down from the sides, in an vertical direction.

After you've put the hot curlers into your straight hair extensions for the length of time the product recommends (each brand name is different,) separate the curls with your fingers.  Style your hair as desired and either stick a jeweled clip in your hair to keep wispy hairs out of your way or go all natural. You now have beautifully curled tresses. Now accessorize and go!

As the picture resource says above, their are many pros and cons to hot rollers. The pros are that you can curl your hair quickly, it works on straight hair, they can be used without styling product, and the heat works well at successfully keeping the curl in your hair throughout the day.

But...be wary that hot rollers do take time to heat up prior to curling your hair, you'll need to be able to secure your hair in the hot rollers with a sort of device, and it is very hard to clean the hot rollers after using them many times. Our guess though is that you won't be using your hot rollers every day, so if you treat them with extra TLC you should have a nice product to use time and time again.

Have fun with your curly locks!

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