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How to Attain Out of This World Eyelashes Without Having to Wear Falsies

Are you considering investing in false eyelashes? Think again. Instead of whipping out your credit card put all of your energy into enhancing the lashes you already have because it certainly is possible to have outstanding lashes that look just as nice as falsies. Not only does your favorite makeup and go-to staple make your look stand out, but your eyelashes can also steal the show, especially if they make you feel more confident and beautiful. After all, the New Year is just around the corner! Start implementing small changes and make way for huge changes that will develop from the small changes along the way!

Falsies are fun (especially for that New Year's Eve party that's coming up), but they can get expensive if you go with an expensive brand name pair or get hooked on them and decide to wear them on a daily basis. Even if your lashes are already long, there are always little steps you can take to make your eyes pop and your lashes look long and lovely. Don't give up the hope and invest in false lashes just yet. Take our advice and follow these steps - you'll love your real lashes in the process.

Curl Your Eyelashes

Don't forget this important step with while putting on your makeup for the day. Believe it or not but curling your lashes does work. Just like you apply lotion prior to putting on your foundation and the rest of your makeup, curl your lashes before you apply your mascara. Your eyelashes will not only stand out more, but look clean in the process.

Find the Right Type of Mascara that Works Well with Your Eyelashes

Part of having out of this world eyelashes is finding and applying the right type of mascara that's great for the type of eyelashes you have. If you're not sure what type of mascara to use, try experimenting with a few different types. If your mascara flakes or feels too clumpy for your lashes, go with a thicker or smaller wand. Also - look at the different types of mascara available. There's volume boosting, lengthening, waterproof, separating, and more. Still not sure what kind to use? Ask a beauty specialist at the counter of your favorite makeup line. They'll be able to try a few types on your lashes and offer you advice in regards to what will work best with your eyelashes.

Makeup Remover is Important

In order to continue to have outstanding eyelashes that stand out, it's imperative to remove your makeup on a daily basis. Most mascaras are waterproof and even if they are not, it's still important to remove it with a quality makeup remover. The less pulling you have to do on your lashes on a daily basis, the better they'll stay and the easier it will be to apply new makeup the next day as well! It's okay to wash your lashes while in the shower too, but be gentle. Treat your lashes with tender loving care and be amazed at how natural and beautiful they look - no falsies required! ;)

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