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Hottest Holiday Hairstyles - Beach Waves, a Sock Bun, and Curls, Oh My!

The weather has gotten colder, and while it’s easy to imagine staying indoors for the holiday season, be sure to get out to at least one glamorous holiday party this season!

You’ll definitely make a statement with your beautiful hairstyle and your tresses will certainly look classy and shiny paired with the perfect outfit! From simple to sensational, here are a few ideas for the hottest holiday hair styles to elevate your look. Start with a good foundation. Examine your hair for split ends, dryness, or grown out layers, and start your season with a good trim. If all you want for Christmas are volume and shine, invest in some Indian hair extensions to get the pizzazz you’ve been longing for.

Sexy, beachy waves aren’t just for summer. If you’re looking for an easy, effortless look for holiday parties this year, wrap pieces of your hair around a curling iron with a medium sized barrel. Don’t use the clasp, because it may create ridges in your hair. Rather, loosely wrap the pieces around the entire barrel. After a few seconds, remove the curling iron and hold the curl against your head until it cools to lock in the shape. Do a few curls for an effortless look at a casual party, or curl your whole main for an elevated, glamorous look a more formal party.

Buns are also a hot hairstyle this season, which can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The fabulous and popular sock bun is great for ladies with long hair, who are looking to give their hair extra shape. Use the tube part of a sock that matches your hair color. For a casual look, sweep your hair back in a loose, messy ponytail and tie it with an elastic at the back of your head. Cut off the foot of a sock so just the tube remains, and roll it to a size that works for you. Pull your ponytail through the middle of the sock roll. Tip your head forward, and spill your ponytail over all sides of the sock roll. Sweep ends under it, checking to make sure the sock is entirely covered with your hair. Tuck in ends and pin with bobby pins. For a sophisticated look, use the same concept with a sleek, polished ponytail rather than a messy one.

Beautiful hair doesn't have to cost a lot or take a lot of time. Enjoy the extra glamour this season!

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