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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Fashionista

holiday hair Holiday Hair via: http://www.howdoesshe.com/deck-the-hair-simple-holiday-hair/

The holidays will be here before we know it, and it’s time to plan for those Black Friday sales to benefit the fashionista in your life. Everyone’s tastes are so diverse that it can be daunting to purchase something for a fashionista that she will truly love and wear. Still, when you get it right, your gift can be a meaningful reflection of how well you know her and something she may even cherish even after your gift goes out of style. Here are a few ideas to help you shop for the best gift to help her look her best.

Focus on Hair

If your lady is into extensions, a gift certificate for extensions or to get a professional weave can go a long way. If you feel confident enough, you may even consider purchasing some high-quality human hair extensions. Get the best to reflect a high level of taste, and make sure you match the color and texture perfectly. You might wrap up the extensions and include a gift certificate to have a professional weave with the extensions.

Focus on Cosmetics

Cosmetics can be difficult, because the gift recipient isn’t in the store with you to match skin tone. Still, it’s easy to find classic, high-quality cosmetics that any woman would love – or even skincare products to help her pamper herself and lay a great foundation for cosmetics. Think of classic cosmetic needs, such as mink eyelashes, a quality mascara, classic shades of lipstick, orholiday outfit an extensive palette of eye shadows that could be used for a variety of occasions. If you’re concerned that a color you like may not work well with your friend’s skin tone, consult some online tutorials to tell you which makeup colors and eye colors work well with different skin tones.

Shoes, Boots, and Clothing

Before purchasing shoes, boots, or clothing, consult the internet to find out the hottest seasonal trends. Any fashionista will be interested in matching her style to the hottest trends. These will include accessory and jewelry trends, clothing trends, and shoe trends. Get her sizes in advance to prevent suspicion as Christmas gets closer, and surprise her with a clothing item that looks beautiful and fits perfectly. Consider purchasing a beautiful top with matching jewelry or accessories, that she can wear with any neutral pant. Have fun helping your lady look her best.
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