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Hello Hollywood! Look to Hollywood Stars for the Latest Hair Color Inspiration

If there is any indication of when a hair trend is about to start, it's usually when you see a new beautiful hair color on a gorgeous celeb. Look at Michelle Williams, for example. Her frosty platinum blonde is both subtle and gorgeous...making it the perfect go-to hairstyle for fashionistas world wide. If you're currently struggling with what color to dye your hair extensions or your own hair, look to the latest Hollywood hairstyles. Not only will their latest hair colors give you inspiration, but they will also help you figure out what will look best on you.

brown highlights on black hair brown highlights on black hair

A Pale Buttery Blonde Tone

Hair stylist Lorrie Goddard recently used a pale buttery tone on Reese Witherspoon's locks, according to Harper's Bazaar. Using a light blonde color and then using other blonde shades in combination, such as platinum, will make the color truly stand out. You'll become a fashionable starlet like Reese in no time!

Scarlett Scarlett

Strawberry Blonde Undertones

Scarlett Johansson adopts a trendy hairstyle with strawberry blonde undertones. Her dark blonde hair no doubt looks flattering with the strawberry blonde undertones and with Ryan on her arm, she can rule the world! ;)

Speaking of Scarlett, she is going to be in a film where her hair is completely brunette! We for sure think she can pull it off, but she is going to look different, that's for sure!

Brunette or Black Tresses with Flecks of Auburn

If you want to add a hint of lightness to your black or brunette mane, why not try having your stylist incorporate flecks of auburn throughout your hair extensions?  Do make sure you have a hairstylist do it, because otherwise the results will not be in your favor. If and when you get your hair colored this way, the contrast of the light auburn hair against darker hair will lighten up your overall look and will also create a hot new style that's great to show off all year round. Mila Kunis pulls off this look quite well and the auburn underneath her dark brown mane looks amazing.

honey highlights honey highlights look fabulous.

Blonde or Brunette with Honey Highlights

Honey highlights may be just the ticket if you want some extra sheen and shine added to your tresses. Warm up your brunette waves with a subtle glow that looks lovely when you're out in the sun having fun. A caramel blonde with honey highlights can pull this off quite well, just like in the picture to your right.

You can even pull off an ombre look with honey highlights like Jennifer Garner, the Kardashian's have pulled off, and Keri Hilson, who always looks gorgeous when she's seen sporting her honey highlights.

When you look to Hollywood -- which hair colors are catching your eyes Lockettes?

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