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Hairstyle Ideas for Type 1 Straight Hair

Of all the different hair types, Type 1 hair may seem like the simplest and easiest to manage. It’s straight, right? No problem. Yet any woman with Type 1 hair knows better. Super-straight locks may be easy to wash and go, but can be difficult to style creatively—or so people think! Straight hairstyles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Why not experiment to find your fit?

  • Go long! Classic, stick-straight, Pocahontas-style lengths can work for almost any woman. Extensions are a great way to achieve this kind of look, without waiting for hair to grow out; they can also add volume.

  • Play with scissors. Layered hair styles, short bobs, fractured hair cuts, and short styles can all work for straight hair, depending on thickness and body. In general, thicker tresses call for more layers and can pull off more versatile, traditional shorter cuts, while layering or chopping finer locks is best for an edgier, punk-rocker look. Again, human hair extensions can help you achieve layers, and even short looks, without actually cutting your own hair.

  • Rock the bangs. Natural or clip-on bangs add a playful note to your profile, and can be worn straight across the eyes or swept aside. This trend has been really hot on red carpets of late!

  • Flip out. No style was ever more suited for straight hair than the flip. This timeless silhouette works whether you wear your hair medium length, extra-long, or even cropped short, as it showcases the hair’s straightness while still adding just a hint of a bend in the ends, for contrast.

  • Cue the color. If you’d rather not experiment with layered hair styles or cuts, then stick to one-length straight hairstyles, but spice them up with color! Apply a clear gloss to make tresses extra radiant, or piece in highlights or lowlights to give your hair the appearance of depth and layers without sacrificing any length. You can even try horizontal stripes of color, for a funky, yet trim-free, look.

Revved up about straight hairstyles yet? Then get going! Style it, profile it, and turn heads!

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