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Hairstyle and Fashion Trends in the New Year

There's nothing like the New Year to inspire a style update. Whether a new haircut, a new way to style the haircut you already have or some new fashion trends, it's fun to brighten up your look at the start of a new year. So what styles and looks are the big trends this year? Read on for some great New Year style ideas!

New Hair for the New Year

Lots of women love shaking up their look by getting a bold new cut to start the new year off right. Luckily, there are some great trendy haircuts and styles out there right now.

The Pixie

The pixie. The pixie cut is experiencing resurgence in popularity this year. While it's been around since the days of Twiggy and young Mia Farrow, the pixie is newly trendy and is cropping up on stylish women everywhere, paying homage to superstar actress Anne Hathaway. Today's pixie is neat and shiny, easily styled and showcases a carefree attitude.

The Karlie

The "Karlie. This is a brand-new hairstyle trend and is currently all the rage in the modeling world and among celebrities in the know. Named for model Karlie Kloss, the Karlie is a shorter cut that falls between the chin and the shoulder, is one length except for a few layers around the face and includes bangs. It's a dramatic turn from the long locks that have been popular for so long; that makes it the perfect transformational cut for a new year!

The topknot. The topknot is a style, not a particular cut, although it requires long hair. Not a new style, the topknot nevertheless is consistently popular and has become super trendy within the past couple of years. Ideally, this updo is worn in a casual, slightly messy style and is placed high on the head for a quirky look. This is a major trend that's going to be around in the New Year and beyond.

The Topknot

The low, side bun. Another style that's become trendy in recent months, the low, and side bun is just what it sounds like: a loose chignon that is gathered at the nape of one's neck, off to one side, and secured there. The aim here is to be messy, easy but chic. The side bun should look like you just got up and threw your hair into this elegant chignon with little effort.

The Low Side Bun

Trendy Fashions for the New Year

Your chic hair needs some stylish clothes to go with it! There are so many fun, trendy looks out there right now, some of which stem from previous seasons but are still going strong. Here are some trendy ideas for style in the New Year:

The colored, skinny pant. This look isn't going anywhere! It's been trendy for awhile now, but the look is only getting more popular. This pant can be twill, denim, or corduroy, but either way, it's a slim and fitted look in unexpected colors. Choose from vivid brights such as royal blue and fire-engine red and more muted hues like pastel pink and yellow.

Colorblocking. Colorblocked clothes are trendy this year. Look for sweaters, dresses and even coats with wide swaths of blocked color, like green with blue or purple with gray.

The ballet flat. Another trend that just keeps getting more popular, the ballet flat is super-chic when paired with slim, cropped pants. But it also looks fantastic as a way to dress up your denim.

As you can see, there are many ways to look chic, stylish and trendy in the new year! Have fun with these looks and find your own personal style.

Author’s Bio: Myke Thomas is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. His blog Sell Clothes focuses on fashion bloggers.

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